Jason Marble - 2016 VW EOS

Jason Marble - 2016 VW EOS
Jason Marble - 2016 VW EOS
Jason Marble - 2016 VW EOS
Jason Marble - 2016 VW EOS
Jason Marble - 2016 VW EOS
Jason Marble - 2016 VW EOS
Jason Marble - 2016 VW EOS
Jason Marble - 2016 VW EOS
Jason Marble - 2016 VW EOS
Jason Marble - 2016 VW EOS
Jason Marble - 2016 VW EOS
Jason Marble - 2016 VW EOS

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Jason Marble


Instagram: @jmdmarble

Photographer: David Barnhouse / @shutter.studios.david

About me? Apparently, I’m “EXTRA.” From my big red beard, crazy Nike colorways and no sugar coat attitude, I concede. And so, our VW EOS you see here has received a little extra. It has taken some years and additional hands, but after some of the biggest changes in 2019, the EOS presents itself in possible final form.

Straightaway it appears to have a Mk6 Golf R front bumper bolted up along with matching rear valance. However, neither of those exist for the EOS and are examples of bumper grafting where it took four bumpers to create these two custom pieces. Additionally, a set of OEM side skirts were shaved and a rear lip spoiler added. After all of the work was done, a fresh coat of Reflex Silver Metallic was laid which is now mostly protected with XPEL Stealth PPF giving a matte appearance and slashes away revealing
the glossy paint on the sides and rear.

I have been installing custom air ride setups for about 8 years now, so had to adjust the altitude with a little attitude utilizing air ride and creating a custom hardline setup. I polished the hardlines and then applied candy red translucent paint to reproduce the finish from the wheels and had the two tanks color-matched to the exterior. You can check out more of my installs on Instagram by following JMDMarble.

“All show and no go” is a no-no for the mostly stock engine found under the hood. An APR Stage 3 kit has been fitted, adding a Garrett GTX2867R to provide almost 400whp. Supporting bolt-ons include APR intake, intercooler and TCU software along with a DV+, charge pipes and custom exhaust. Getting this amount of horsepower to the ground is a challenge being FWD, but once it’s going a front and rear big brake kit (BBK) get you back down to proper speeds.

Sitting down in the interior, you are met by BRAUM seats that have been customized with one-off pattern inserts with the rear seats being redone to match. Door panel inserts and centre console with red stitching were added to tie everything together with the addition of OEM VW GTI e-brake handle,
shift knob and steering wheel which also features red stitching.

Why not choose a GTI? You know, I’m “EXTRA.”

A little more about me.

I have been involved in cars for many rotations around the sun, growing up with Tri 5 Chevys, Z28 Camaros and being exposed to mini trucks. It’s all embedded deeply and before I could drive, I drew many of these, creating drawings that weren’t just “Mom says it’s the best.” lol I’ve been a creative, never wanting what was considered normal, from my artwork, clothes, shoes, having a Nike Swoosh cut into my hair, just never wanting to blend in.

My first car was a 1986 Honda Accord LXi hatchback, it was a very well taken care of example and it got me around after graduating high school before joining the military. It was sold on and after getting stationed in Ft. Hood, Texas I met a guy with an absolutely hammered 1996 Civic DX Coupe. He was in a local car club, who were all into Japanese cars. I wanted to be part of the club and was like an honorary member because I had yet to actually buy a car. One day I surprised them, and later on myself, after purchasing a 1992 Aztec Green Pearl GS-R. I bought it because of the design, the color, and knew GS-R was special…I mean the “R” was red! I have since had another along with a 2001 Spa Yellow S2000, two Electronic Blue Pearl Sis and an Acura CL Type-S. With my last Si, I started getting more into street racing late into the night on the “Upper Deck.” If you know, you know. I had added an AEM CAI, DCSports 4-1
header, custom exhaust and topped it off with Type R cams and Type R manifold with direct port nitrous.

The Si was quick, but others were doing supercharger kits and turbo kits and, back then, to get reliable power you would build the engine. I wasn’t interested in the long downtime of that, all of my cars have been daily drivers, so started looking for factory turbocharged engines. This is where I was introduced to Volkswagens, my first being fresh off the lot 2003 VW GTI 1.8T, the “nevah lose.” I put all the bolt-ons I could to squeeze as much horsepower out of the stock K03S turbo and wound up with a healthy 243whp/ 237ftlbs dyno. Other VWs throughout the years include a couple more GTIs, a couple of GLIs and a couple of Touaregs. Currently, we have a 2018 SEL Premium R-Line 4 Motion Tiguan in the garage next to the 2012 VW EOS you see here.


  • GrindWorkz 10” G5 sub and G400.1 amp.
  • JMD custom sub enclosure.
  • LC2i active LOC w/ Accubass.
  • RNS-510 w/ Dynaudio.


  • ECS brake lines.
  • Forge 6 piston/ 356mm (14”) front and 4 piston/ 330mm (13”) rear BBK.


  • APR boost tap.
  • APR intake.
  • APR intercooler.
  • APR Stage 3 (GTX 2867R) 376whp/ 369ftlbs.
  • APR TCU remap.
  • APR 3” downpipe.
  • AWE turbo outlet pipe.
  • ECS engine cover painted gloss black.
  • ECS intercooler piping.
  • GFB DV+ w/ Rev D DV.
  • J Caps billet black anodized coolant, oil and wiper fluid caps.
  • OEM battery and fuse covers painted gloss black.
  • R8 (red) coil packs.
  • Swoops custom billet oil dipstick, black anodized and engraved by Zealous Mfg.
  • Tectonics custom exhaust.


  • Mk6 Golf R front bumper graft w/ custom amber DRL LEDs.
  • Mk6 Golf R rear lower valance graft.
  • Shaved side skirts.
  • Gloss black trim.
  • Gloss Ember Black vinyl grille accent, roof and rear spoiler accent.
  • Pro Tuning rear spoiler.
  • XPEL Stealth PPF.


  • BRAUM Elite X Series seats w/ OEM integration (no airbag faults and seat heaters).
  • 3H flush controller mount.
  • Custom-wrapped armrest, door inserts, and seats w/ one-off pattern inserts on seats and black dyed
    trunk pieces.
  • Full LED lighting upgrade.
  • Gloss Ember Black vinyl trim.
  • Mk6 GTI steering wheel w/ paddle shifters (enabled).
  • Mk6 GTI 30 th Anniversary shift knob and e-brake handle.
  • New South Performance boost gauge and pod.
  • Paint matched head unit trim (Reflex Silver Metallic).


  • Air Lift 3H w/ dual VIAIR 444C compressors.
  • Air Lift Performance front/ rear airbags.
  • Air Lift Performance rear shocks.
  • C-notched front subframe.
  • JMD custom management and hardline setup.
  • Paint matched Suspension Specialties seamless tanks (Reflex Silver Metallic).

Tires/ Wheels

  • 3-piece Rotiform INDTs,
  • Translucent Candy Red over polished faces w/ powder coated Ember Black hardware.
  • Achilles ATR Sport tires: 215/40/18 front, 225/40/18 rear.

Future Plans

  • There may be EXTRA to come.

Special Thanks
Alex “the Bumper Ninja”, Authentic Details, Brink Motorsports, Dave “the Doc” Carlisle, David “the Shooter” Barnhouse, Frankie “Big” Wright, Joey Shultz, Midnight Custom Cars, SoulSpeed Performance and most importantly my wife. Dealing with EXTRA isn’t easy.

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