Brock Beatty - 2019 Honda Accord Sport

I’d rather lose by a mile in the car that I built. Rather than Win by an inch from a car someone else Built. Your car is Your Story, Don’t let someone else write it...

Brock Beatty - 2019 Honda Accord Sport
Brock Beatty - 2019 Honda Accord Sport
Brock Beatty - 2019 Honda Accord Sport
Brock Beatty - 2019 Honda Accord Sport
Brock Beatty - 2019 Honda Accord Sport
Brock Beatty - 2019 Honda Accord Sport
Brock Beatty - 2019 Honda Accord Sport
Brock Beatty - 2019 Honda Accord Sport
Brock Beatty - 2019 Honda Accord Sport
Brock Beatty - 2019 Honda Accord Sport
Brock Beatty - 2019 Honda Accord Sport
Brock Beatty - 2019 Honda Accord Sport

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Brock Beatty

2019 Honda Accord Sport

Instagram: @Ahh_Senpaii

Photographer: @Stealth.Captures

I’d rather lose by a mile in the car that I built. Rather than Win by an inch from a car someone else Built. Your car is Your Story, Don’t let someone else write it...

I'm 27 years old, I live in Charlotte, Nc, but I was born in Oklahoma but raised on the east coast of the U.S, More so New York. I got into cars at a very very young age, for as long as I can remember I was 3, playing Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 3 on the PlayStation. And I was always big on the need for speed franchises, Underground, Underground 2, Most Wanted, Pro Street, and etc.

That's really what started me and my passion, and love for cars. I just remember playing more of the customizable games of the Need for Speeds, Underground 2, Most Wanted. And, I remember just saying to myself playing those types of games, when I grow up I will own a modified/stanced car. I was just so excited, always playing those games. And then when the fast and furious franchise came out, I almost lost it growing up. Like, “Yooo!! It's real!?? It's not just in a video game!!??” And that was a wrap for me. Especially when Tokyo Drift came out, still to this day that is my favourite out of all the fast and furious.

The way the Japanese jdm culture is and their execution to every aspect of the cars that they built is just beautiful. And, from there it was done, I was inspired. When I turned about 15 I remembered we moved to NY, and that's where I actually saw my first group of modified/stanced cars walking to the mall with my brother. And I remember going,” That’s going to be me one day.” Then, I remembered getting my license, at 19. The first car I bought was a 94 civic dx, bought for $600 who could complain. Wasn’t perfect, but hey, it was mine. Then, I got a couple of friends here in Charlotte, Nc from my first job working at the movie

theatre. They were car guys!! Started talking to them and they invited me to a meet Friday night, I’ll never forget it. Now, at this point, I don’t know everything when it comes to cars, but I know enough, so I thought...So, went to the car meet, Had a Blast!! But, on the way home, my head gasket blew, and I couldn’t understand why? Need for speed didn’t teach me this. Haha! Come to find out the car had no oil. At this point, the car had served its purpose and I decided to buy a new car. From there, I actually started teaching myself, asking those first few friends about the engine and how it truly worked. As I had some knowledge of how it worked but not completely, and I believe at this point in my story, most of us car enthusiasts have either severely damaged a motor, or blew it. Anyways though, so I learned!....and as time went on I started building my new car. Which was a 2012 Honda Fit Sport.

Now, most of you are going to either say, “ A fit? What’s that, or why a fit?” Just as my friends said to me, I liked it, at first I didn't, But.....I built it and loved it. Ended it up doing heavy modifications to it, I had bagged it, wrapped it in sunflower gloss yellow. I had gone through so many different sets of wheels and tires trying to get the whole idea of “Fitment” down. But, once I got it down everybody actually dug it alot, I started going to actual car shows with it and met so many different people, made A LOT of new friends, I had a blast with the car and it ended up being everything to me, hey! It was my actual first love, to be honest with you. But, like all things, it came to an end, I was in a bad car accident and it was totalled.

So, that brings me to not the best luck with cars right? I was highly upset when I totalled my fit. 4 years with her, man that was my baby, the love of my life. I knew when Life was kicking me down I could just get in it and drive and feel 10x better. And now she was gone, I was so upset. But, I said well, it’s time to start a new project. So, I went and bought a 2018 Honda Civic hatchback, built it, coilovers, Work wheels, tablet in the dash, few things here and there. 

The car was okay but it didn’t and wasn’t giving me that I love you back feeling like my fit did. So, I sold it back to the dealership a year later and bought my Honda Accord. Now, the accord wasn’t you average “Jdm/Sport'' type build as it was classified as Honda’s, “Luxury car.” So, I started looking up luxury cars, stanced luxury cars on google. And I was in shock of the results of some of the luxury builds I had found. I found some Liberty VIP members, which are highly inspirational guys with old Ls430 builds and just other beautiful luxury cars. I started learning so much, and I researched the luxury VIP builds in Japan. I started learning more and more about the Japanese and how they built their luxury cars.

Either air bagged suspension and most of them are on coilovers or also known as “Static.” Then as my research furthered, I stumbled on the process of the things some of these guys would do to their interiors. And, honestly......That’s what did it for me, that’s what made me be like okay, I can do this, I'm in Love with this!!. Now, other than all of this, I have a Girlfriend, named Raven that I met back when I had the fit, at a car wash, at a meet, and she actually had an accord fully built, and that was the first time I had ever really really seen a luxury car up close and personal.

She was some influence with me going into the luxury scene. But anyway, so.....I researched some more on parts for the accord as I had bought my 2019 Accord brand new, only had 45 miles on her, and there wasn’t too much inspiration on the platform, considering the car was so new. So, I started buying parts, as I stumbled on body kits that started to come out for the car and suspension parts, and other pretty cool things. And as they came in, and I think we can all say, when you get a FedEx or UPS truck ringing your doorbell with your car parts, that feeling of excitement is like Christmas. But, I started putting them on the car as they came in.

Before I even knew it, I was at $11,897.34 almost a whole year later. But, the car was beautiful and I was happy, and so were my friends, and my girlfriend. Today, I find myself back in love with my Accord, just how I was with my fit. I wouldn’t trade my car in for anything in the world, I'm so proud I didn’t give up on building cars completely, even after the accident and the civic and all the discouragement I felt with those two situations in my life. Here’s a full Mod list of everything I have done to the car. I’d say the car is pretty much done for the most part.

Exterior Mods:

  • Complete Yofer Under lip kit
  • Trunk duckbill
  • The front grille is Rose gold Sport grille


  • 3.5 dual angled tips, with Custom Y-pipe


  • 19x9.5 +22 offset Infinite Werks


  • Bc extreme low coilovers with 6.25 spring rates

Engine Mods:

  • The motor is a 1.5 turbo motor, no more Vtec


  • Fully Re/upholstered Diamond stitched seats
  • A-pillars in front are Custom Suede Louis Vuitton Stiched
  • Junction produce Sliding curtains
  • Junction produce Curtain holders
  • Junction produce seat cushions
  • VIP’d out Neck pads
  • Cobra Collection pillows
  • Custom Suede dash matt
  • Custom Diamond Stitched floor mats

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I believe if you're a car guy or girl and you really want to build a car. No matter if it's a drift, race, function over form, stance, luxury, or whatever it is, DO IT!! Follow your heart, everyone in this life deserves to be happy. And if cars are that passion that everlasting smile on your face, or that overflowing feeling you just can’t stop, then don’t hold yourself from that feeling. My journey from a little boy on a video game up until now and all the friends and family I have met, and the experiences I have had with these cars.

The people I have been able to touch and motivate and inspire and bring together, through love and this passion, is a feeling I wouldn’t trade for the world. Sometimes I can remember when I was upset or I was just lonely or whatever I was feeling, my happy place was the cars. It just gave me a release of pressure or weight I was feeling that day, off of my shoulders. Don’t let it slip from you, follow your dreams, and be happy. Love, love life. I hope you enjoyed my story and my build as much as I enjoyed sharing my story, and I hope some of you take it as inspiration and use it. Remember, it's Your car, Your story, Don’t let someone else write it for you.

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