Kevin Ricci - 1991 Porsche 911 C4

I've had quite a few cars along the way and have modified them all. I prefer an OEM+ style and I think this car checks that box. The first car I truly modified was my 1998 Integra LS in college, I did all the basic bolt-ons and style changes.

Kevin Ricci - 1991 Porsche 911 C4
Kevin Ricci - 1991 Porsche 911 C4
Kevin Ricci - 1991 Porsche 911 C4
Kevin Ricci - 1991 Porsche 911 C4
Kevin Ricci - 1991 Porsche 911 C4
Kevin Ricci - 1991 Porsche 911 C4
Kevin Ricci - 1991 Porsche 911 C4
Kevin Ricci - 1991 Porsche 911 C4
Kevin Ricci - 1991 Porsche 911 C4

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Kevin Ricci

1991 Porsche 911 C4

Instagram: @U4EA4ME

Photographer: Jeremy Rice @jrice_visuals

I currently live in Houston, TX but am originally from Akron, OH. My day job is within the oil industry but my real passion is for all things car-related - I really enjoy detailing cars and do a lot of that in my spare time. I also attend plenty of cars and coffee along with rally events and enjoy track days as often as I can. I'm a huge Porsche fan, but love to look at all types of builds and Houston is a great place to be for that! 

Like most others, I got hooked on cars as a child with my Hot Wheels collections. I spent countless hours collecting and playing with them and I still collect them today. As I grew up, my passion for cars didn't fade and I actually still have Car and Driver magazines from the '80s and '90s in my attic that I perused from time to time. I went to some track days with my father when I was in high school and auto crossed my Integra LS in college but didn't really get into the show scene until I graduated and moved to Texas. I had a group of friends and we used to go to all the shows in and around Texas to compete and have fun. 

I've had quite a few cars along the way and have modified them all. I prefer an OEM+ style and I think this car checks that box. The first car I truly modified was my 1998 Integra LS in college, I did all the basic bolt-ons and style changes. I had that car for 7 years and ended up selling to buy a 2006 G35 that I went off the deep end with and after modifying it to the point of undriveability, I sold that and actually bought a 1976 Bronco. It was a nice change to not have to dodge potholes and worry about road debris constantly! While I loved the Bronco, it was a constant headache and ultimately sold that one as well. The cars I have now are a 2009 911 Turbo and this 1991 911 C4 and both have been modified pretty heavily - I try not to completely detract from the original design but like to put my touches on anything I own. 

I bought this car in 2017. I am fairly involved in the local PCA chapter and had always wanted an air-cooled car. The more time I spent judging them at local concourses and seeing them online, the more that I knew I wanted to own one. My turbo was my dream car (and still is) but this car has been an experience and I enjoy everything about it. Originally I had wanted a colour that wasn't red, but I was unwilling to pay the premium that folks were asking for some of the more "skittles coloured" examples. Ultimately I found this car, made a deal and purchased it sight unseen and had it shipped to me from Michigan. I already had a vision of what i wanted to do with the car and many of the parts were in order or in my garage before I had found the car so the modifications began almost immediately. 

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This car is just plain fun. There are faster cars, but this one brings a smile to my face. You can drive it fast or slow and the same feeling persists. While the turbo is fun at speed, this car is fun at 20 mph. Listening to the air-cooled engine sing is great and the smell and sounds that this car delivers are exactly what driving a 911 should be. The car always gets looks, waves and thumbs up which always makes you feel good. I love hearing people's stories when I stop to get gas I usually have someone stop by to ask about the car, no-one believes me when I tell them it is a 91 and is 30 years old! I love seeing people interact with the car as it reminds me of the way I felt when I was young. I love letting others sit in the car for pictures, or just to get a feel of what an old 911 is like... it's perfect! 


My advice for anyone considering buying one of these air-cooled cars is two-fold. First, make sure you really want one - many people think they want one because they hear others talk about them. They are not for everyone especially at the inflated values they have gotten to nowadays. You can buy a lot of really great cars that will perform better and be more reliable for the money - if that is a concern, you may want to look elsewhere. Also, be prepared for repairs - these cars were neglected for years before they skyrocketed in value, so finding a good example is hard and even those will likely need some TLC and money to keep running reliably. That being said, you will have a lot of fun in one and they will hold their value well if that is a concern for you. 

Mod Tips

My only advice for modifying this car is to do what you want, don't listen to others. People will always have comments, especially in the Porsche world - there are purists and there are those that like to tweak and modify and there is plenty of room for both in the world. Find a style or path you like and go for it! 

I think what makes this car unique is the wheels. People always tell me how much they like the wheels as they are very similar to the phone dials found on the 924/944. Once you get past the wheels, the next comment is "wow that is really low, do you drive at that height?" and the answer is yes it is low and yes I do drive at that height. It can be a challenge but the car still handles pretty well with the big wheels and low stance. Lastly, the houndstooth interior is always a big hit with people when they see the car. 


  • G Pipe 
  • Steve Wong Chip 
  • Patrick Motorsports LWFW
  • FD Motorsports goldenrod
  • FD Motorsports Transmission Mount
  • FD Motorsports short shifter 
  • Rennline motor mounts


  • RUF front lip
  • Porsche RS air ducts 
  • custom tinted clear corners
  • LED's
  • 9eleven headlights 
  • Aero mirrors
  • custom Porsche hood badge 


  • full custom houndstooth interior
  • alpine Bluetooth radio
  • Rennline pedals and floorboard
  • Lloyd mats 
  • Porsche RS steering wheel 
  • Commune DIY custom shift knob
  • Swine11 shifter reboot


  • Rotiform 18" STR


  • Rotiform/H&R Deep Coilovers

I have had a lot of help getting the car to this point and am super appreciative of the awesome local shops we have available to us. 

A few local shops who have always helped and done an excellent job are:

  • Modern Aircooled - @modernaircooled has always gone above and beyond to keep the car running in tip-top shape. 
  • Sublime Heights - @sublimeheights did the interior work and couldn't be more pleased!
  • Sals Auto Sport - @salsautosport did the paintwork and stereo install and always keeps the alignment dialled in! 

Future Plans 

I'd like to add some bucket seats and start sprucing up the engine bay with some tweaks in the future but am happy with how she sits at the moment so not in any rush. 

The car scene has been good to me. Most of the friends I have made in Texas, I've met through the car scene whether at shows or gatherings etc. I moved here in 2009 and I didn't know anyone, so for me, cars were a way of meeting and ultimately connecting with people and making lifelong friends as a result, so I am extremely grateful for that.  

My dream car is the 2009 911 Turbo I own, but if money was no object and I could have any car I wanted - you'd see me in an F40 or a Mclaren F1 GTR!

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