Liam Dunn - MK1 Seat Leon FR+

My first car before I even passed my test was a classic mini, it needed a new wing, sills and a rear subframe.

Liam Dunn - MK1 Seat Leon FR+
Liam Dunn - MK1 Seat Leon FR+
Liam Dunn - MK1 Seat Leon FR+
Liam Dunn - MK1 Seat Leon FR+
Liam Dunn - MK1 Seat Leon FR+
Liam Dunn - MK1 Seat Leon FR+

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Liam Dunn

Insta: @L55 DNN

MK1 Seat Leon FR+

As far back as I can remember I have always been into cars and bikes. My dad is a biker so I've always been around engines. At 12 years old I changed the alternator on a Rover 420. And from then it became a passion more than an interest.

My first car before I even passed my test was a classic mini, it needed a new wing, sills and a rear subframe. A family friend recommended a garage to take it so I took it there and they agreed to do the work and I could pay it off working for them at the weekend as I was in college doing mechanics (obviously). After a while, I came to the hard decision it had to go as the bulkhead had gone and I couldn't afford to put any more money into it. I was gutted.

Next was a Corsa B 1.4. That had the same fate, I couldn't afford to finish it.

Then when I passed my test and had a job I bought the first car I could actually drive. It was an F reg MK1 Fiat Panda 4X4. It was awesome. It had a Camouflage paint job, raised suspension, off-road tyres, light guards and a snorkel. It's the most fun car I've ever had, it literally went anywhere I wanted it too. Some even Landys couldn't do. I eventually wanted something faster as you naturally do, so I sold it to a friend's brother who rolled it through a hedge drunk driving a few weeks later. I was honestly heartbroken.

From then on I went through skipping between MGR's and Vauxhalls. The most memorable was a Corsa B Sri. It ended up lowered 60mm all round on a Gmax suspension kit on 14" wheels so low that I couldn't roll a can of Pepsi Max under it. I stripped all the back out and fitted harnesses to hold me as it went around any corner like "it was on rails". I also found out after buying it that it had been cammed and decatted, also had a performance exhaust and performance panel filter.

Again went through more cars over the years. Think I've had over 30 cars.

My last family car build I had before everything went bad with the now ex-wife was an MK4 Astra estate. Over the 3 and a half years I owned it I literally rebuilt it from front to back with either new or uprated parts. When I sold it on it had gone from running a standard 75bhp to 150bhp, double its standard power. It was an animal and left or kept up with a lot of more modern and quick cars to their surprise haha.

When I met my now fiancé I had a 2003 Audi A3 1.9 TDI PD130. I'd only done a few bits to it. Remapped it to 165bhp/280ftlb, RamAir performance panel filter, EGR delete and uprated Carbon Kevlar clutch, heavy-duty pressure plate and SMF kit and lowered it on Eibach springs.

I went to a fast show with my other half, Jasmin, and she was too tired to drive back so I drove her MK1 Leon FR+ back. And even though they had the same chassis and engine, the drive was so much better. You had a better seating position, the car handled a lot better, the steering was sharper. It was just a whole better, more sporty feel to the car. So that was it, I set out to buy my own Leon. I looked at a fair few adverts for them and we did a 6hr round trip to see a yellow Cupra, which turned out to be nothing like the advert made out. I eventually came across the one I own now. Which coincidentally is the same colour as Jasmine.

When I bought it, it was all faded and swirling and hologramed to death. So naturally, it got the KillerWaxx treatment which again Jasmin had introduced me to. And as expected with their products being the best completely transformed it into what it still is today.

Up To now, it's had a fair bit done to it with more to come still. It's mods are.


  • Remapped to 210bhp/345ftlb
  • EGR delete with solenoids mapped out.
  • EGR cooler delete.
  • Launch control (2500rpm)
  • Hardcut limiter (4750 rpm)
  • Vac Simplification
  • Straight through exhaust system
  • RamAir induction kit
  • Max Torque P3 Performance 6 paddle clutch, heavy-duty pressure plate and SMF kit rated to 450ftlb.
  • Have got GT1856 to go on which will see me to 260bhp/400ftlb


  • Lowered 45mm all round
  • 18" Staggered BBS CH003 8J/9J (custom colour by Jasmin)
  • TT strut brace to go on


  • Golf GTi Recaro Seats
  • Centre console and window switches matching the wheels.


Only have the mirrors and badges matching the wheels and various stickers on the rear windows and a SadBoi race club sticker on the windscreen.

Last year at Tunerfest North Oulton Park I proposed to Jasmine in front of 2 car groups and whoever else was around our stand at the time. I chose Oulton Park as it's our local race track and we were with Savs which is like a family. So had to be done, she said yes obviously.

I am now a Moderator and Area rep with Jasmine for SAVS Owners Club massive Vag Specific group with around 9000 members. Area Reps for Lower State and Admin for The Clay Cloth Company Group where we get all our cleaning products from they are honestly the best products you can get whether it's for cleaning products, clothes, towels or anything.

I and Jasmine love going to Car shows together all over the UK and regularly organise meets around the North Wales area for SAVS.

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