2005 Lexus is300 - Matthew Pringle

The car has a wrap from Tinybot vinyl that’s called white aurora borealis which has a white with an underlying pink/blue/green shift to it which is crazy depending on the lighting.

2005 Lexus is300 - Matthew Pringle
2005 Lexus is300

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2005 Toyota Lexus is300

Matthew Pringle

Instagram: @Baggedpringlez34

Photographer: Trinity Nemeth 

Instagram:  @Solow_media

I’ve always had a love for cars ever since I was a hit watching Hot Wheels acceleracers on the tv and trying to draw them. I spend my time working on my z, Lexus, and Integra. I’ve been spending the last few years devoting all my free time to showing my car and having fun with the community and making content for different social media accounts. 

Hot Wheels for sure would be the No. 1 lead as to why I love cars so much now. From the actual toys to the TV shows and games on Nintendo 64 and GameCube. Every bit of it was a highlight of my childhood to make me have such a large interest in the automotive industry as I do now.

I always thought it would be funny to be one of those guys who bragged about my car having a 2jz motor in it. After looking into the car I realized how many options there were for it without really breaking the bank. It originally was supposed to be just a fun daily but very quickly turned into a show car. I have bags on my z so I wanted to try the static life and see why people smile so much when they are bouncing off the ground. Needless to say, I’ve found why people enjoy it lol while it’s a mess to drive sometimes it’s really a blast.

Recently about a year into owning the car we did the intake, exhaust, coilovers and the rest of the mods in the first few months of 2023. So it went from being a smooth daily so a little bit louder street sweeper. I love it. Dodging potholes is fun but stressful. I wouldn’t do anything different about the way the car drives although being a stock motor with a few bolts on is pretty basic so it doesn't really hit the speed factor but that’s not what it’s built. Hitting a pothole going 100 while being an inch from the ground sounds a lil sketchy to me. 

The car has a wrap from Tinybot vinyl that’s called white aurora borealis which has a white with an underlying pink/blue/green shift to it which is crazy depending on the lighting. That paired with a taillight delete on the trunk lights. A lot of people see that as a staple for what makes these cars noticeable and I think going without and deleting them makes the car look just enough different to make people wonder.

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Build List: 

  • Weapon R Intake
  • Greddy rs exhaust
  • Revolve 0520 centre lock wheels
  • Five8 coil overs
  • Spc front upper camber arms
  • Spc rear upper camber arms
  • Godspeed rear toe arms
  • Carbon fiber grille
  • Tinybot vinyl aurora borealis wrap
  • Tire stickers
  • Trunk taillight delete
  • Spoiler delete
  • Shark fin roof antenna
  • Black chrome headlights
  • Nrg steering wheel and removable hub
  • Street aero shift knob
  • KBD BN body kit

The Work

Within the first few months of 2023, a lot of people and companies came together to really make the build happen for the reveal at Slammedenuff Ohio on May 7th. My good friend Dylan helped us really get all of the suspension work and all of the mods installed as well as gaskets that needed replacing and it needed a new radiator from the car overheating the previous season.

From there we took the car to Taylor at Two Brothers Auto in Canton Ohio. He did all of the spoiler removal and taillight delete and aligned the body kit. From there Tinybot Vinyl sponsored the wrap for the car then we took it to Drew at Revolution Restyling in Cleveland Ohio. We got the car back the week before the show and had to do rear-toe arms and new inner and outer front tie rods so the car could be realigned. The car got aligned 2 days before the show and we were able to make it and had a successful show! 

Future Plans

With this being the first season for the car I still have a lot to do like new white horns behind the carbon grille to make it pop more. I’ve thought about putting a 326 wing on it. As well as a 1j z swap for that power I said I didn’t need. It would look great with a set of Brauns and redoing the roof liner to get rid of that retirement tan. Also, plan to pick up some Diamond car mats and put a 15-inch Skar audio sub in the trunk with a 2500-watt amp.


The car community can either be a blessing or a curse depending on where you choose to focus your attention and act with your own actions. I miss how things used to be before this takeover mess happened. Everyone used to be able to park and chill and hang out and not trash things.

The community is still there it’s just struggling with how people’s actions are. All I can say is don’t let other people influence you, your car, or anything you want to do. Don’t be afraid to ask the homies if they think something will look good and you don’t have to take their advice but brainstorming never hurts. Be kind and respectful to your fellow car enthusiasts and enjoy the car scene.

Shout Outs

The Car Scene

Since building my other car a few years ago I’ve found a great enjoyment for making content online on multiple social media accounts and it’s become a part of my everyday life. It’s a fun buildup to have other people so involved in a car your building. It’s a really fun way to interact with everyone on a daily basis. The car scene has really made my life a positive thing. Wouldn’t be who I am without it.

Dream Car

Koenigsegg Agera R

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