Laura - BMW E46 323Ci

BMW is timeless. Young and elderly people like the new and classic BMW’s. That is exactly the reason why I have chosen to drive a BMW.

Laura - BMW E46 323Ci
Laura - BMW E46 323Ci
Laura - BMW E46 323Ci
Laura - BMW E46 323Ci
Laura - BMW E46 323Ci

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Hi All!

My name is Laura and I am all the way from Germany. I currently work at a gas station, and yes, it is the perfect job for me!

Instagram: @mrs.e46coupe

I currently drive a BMW E46 323Ci. You can check it out on my Instagram tag mentioned just above. There you can witness all the changes that has been made to him to date!

In my opinion, BMW is timeless. Young and elderly people like the new and classic BMW’s. That is exactly the reason why I have chosen to drive a BMW. It is a great brand with an amazing community behind it and I really love that aspect of it. You should be able to identify yourself with your car and in my opinion the BMW is perfect for me. I identify myself completely with the brand!

What got me into the car scene? I would say my dad had a huge impact. He has always had good looking and fast cars. His first car was a BMW E21 Alpina and the last one he sold was the BMW E63. So, I think he is definitely the reason for all of that!

I love the extreme so I treated my car to an Extrem 2 Face Look. It’s not wrapped, it’s painted! When people ask me what kind of wrap is on it, they are always so shocked and overwhelmed when I tell them it’s actually painted and I love that about it! The elderly and the young are always so excited when they come across my car and I think that is why my car stands out from the crowd. I mean, he does look different and exotic.

I must admit that the bagged look was the most difficult challenge to the whole car. My wheels were too big but I wanted it lower so we bagged him. After they were in he wasn't low enough for my liking with the MAM B2 wheels in 19" so we had to change the wheels to V1 in 18" and now he's pretty close to what I wanted him to be. You just have to try out everything you can to reach your goal. 

I would definitely recommend the E46. It's a perfect car for beginners and also for a new project. 

Mine is a 323Ci with 170 HP and that's totally fine for me. I got him back in April 2019 in the casual silver colour. First I gave him new wheels by MAM B2. After that he got painted, then bagged with the Air Lift Performance 3P. That's why he's on V1 wheels in 18" now. 

All this changes were made by professionals. My first priority is safety and quality. 

The paint was made by a friend of mine who owns a paint shop called piCARso Autodesign. Its @picarso_design on Instagram. The bags were installed by @ent_jung_fert who you can find on Instagram too. 

The E46 was not my first car in fact, my first car was a VW Mk3 convertible. He got a new colour, leather seats, was lowered and all that usual stuff. 

We'll see what's coming next. A new exhaust is on the way...maybe he'll get a cage too. I always say my car is finished but let’s be honest here...a car is never finished but, that's okay. It's for fun and just for me. It's a hobby and my husband is helping me with everything. 

Now that he's ready I'm looking forward the car meets. I have been to a car meet yet with this car but, I do enjoy going to them. You meet people with the same passion and interests. 

Dream car? I have many dream cars. A E30 M3 is one of them but, I would die for a Nissan Skyline R34. 

Thank you for reading my article and don’t forget to follow my on Instagram for more content.


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