Courtney-Jane - BMW E46 Bagged

The 46 is well known in the car scene. It is a brand ambassador for Slam Cult Clothing who are such a genuine group of lads and always there to help out! 

Courtney-Jane - BMW E46  Bagged
Courtney-Jane - BMW E46  Bagged
Courtney-Jane - BMW E46  Bagged
Courtney-Jane - BMW E46  Bagged
Courtney-Jane - BMW E46  Bagged
Courtney-Jane - BMW E46  Bagged
Courtney-Jane - BMW E46  Bagged
Courtney-Jane - BMW E46  Bagged
Courtney-Jane - BMW E46  Bagged

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Hi everyone my name is Courtney-Jane & my boyfriend's name is Dan.

I work in the transport industry in pallet distribution and my partner is a class 1 lorry driver.

The 46 is the daily car that I use to get to work and back all week. Although modified and bagged it’s a comfy drive! If you would like to see more pictures of the 46 then head over to my Instagram where there are literally endless pictures of it! @courtneyjanemoore

I’ve always had a love for modified cars since I was younger. I can not remember a point in life where the car scene was not a part of my life now. I was always going to local car meets with my friends and wanted to know more and see more modified cars when I was younger. I wouldn’t say anyone personally got me into the car scene. I have always had a big love for BMW and the dream would be to have an e21,e28 & an e30 M3 and I wouldn’t mind another e36. I just don’t feel more at home in any other car. 

Between me and my partner we’ve had compacts, coupes, touring some wide arched some welded up for them drifty boy days. We’ve had a wide variety of cars between the four of us.  Anything from a Corsa b red top to a jacked-up Suzuki Jimny off-roader as you can imagine we’ve had some random cars 

The car scene is a brilliant place to be with the right people for sure! Nothing beats the long summer nights with nice cars with good friends. Appreciation and respect are all I could ever ask for out of the car scene. 

The e46 caught our eye when we were looking for a new car as was done to a high standard and really caught our eye! My Toyota starlet was on the way out and we agreed to get a nice replacement that we could enjoy for show seasons and still make a very comfortable daily. BMW will always be my first choice of a car because not a lot needs to be done to them to make them look good! 

The e46 gets a lot of attention. The main word people use is ‘neck breaker’ wow that looks amazing! it is a really nice feeling knowing that the car that caught your eye in the first place now catches others too. All generations love the BMW young and old. An elderly gentleman not that long ago stood taking pictures of it and then actually bent down to the rear wheel and put his arms around the wheel and said “wow these things are huge” with a massive smile on his face! 

It’s times like this that you know your car is appreciated and I respect that. 

The Mod list - isn’t massive.. more to come! 

Been fully resprayed professionally in the original Metallic Sapphire Grey.

  • -5 Speed manual
  • -Airlift performance air ride setup with V2 management and basic boot build installed by EMP Performance
  • -Work Brombacher wheels 18x9.5J front and 18x11J rear
  • -Fully custom wide arch rear end made by Dom’s Street Shop and using rear bumper flares to match
  • -Smoothed front bumper with flip-out front plate holder
  • -New bottom arms fitted
  • -Rear camber arms
  • -Full black electric leather interior with memory seats
  • -Diamond stitched leather mats included
  • -Induction kit
  • -6k LED Angel's eyes
  • -Candy orange indicators all around US style
  • -Restitched steering wheel with carbon effect insert and BMW tri-colour stitching

There are more plans to come in the future so keep an eye out 

The BMW is very different from my first car. My first car was a Peugeot 306 in silver with the tacky chase me lights in the rear! HORRID! (They came with the car ok) . As soon as I got my first year no claims it was bye-bye Peugeot! And hello Bmw touring 

The 46 is well known in the car scene. It is a brand ambassador for Slam Cult Clothing which is such a genuine group of lads and always there to help out!  I am also a south coast rep for @turbos&tiaras for us girlies who love the modified car scene. Brilliant groups of girls are always there for one another can not fault them and they are nationwide.

It wasn’t long after me and my partner moved to Southampton that we came across a car group called South Sitting whose meets were always packed and such a good variety of cars and age ranges within the meet. Always very well organised! The main guy Jack Cottington is a ledge always got time to make sure everyone is ok as well and running a savage car club.  Got a lot of time for the South Sitting Crew 

It’s a shame due to the lockdown that there are no shows for 2020 so far! We would usually be planning and have been to many by now!  We always attend local meets around Southampton/ Portsmouth.  I’m all for supporting the local car clubs.  However, I don’t have to say I’m always happy to see when a fellow BMW turns up  

The dream would be an e30 M3 for sure! 

Thanks for taking the time to read all about the BMW E46 and us I suppose

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