Luke Hockedy - Ford Fiesta MK6 ST150

I then had to start building another show car for the 2020 season as I wanted to make loads of changes to the car ready for show season.

Luke Hockedy -  Ford Fiesta MK6 ST150
Luke Hockedy -  Ford Fiesta MK6 ST150
Luke Hockedy -  Ford Fiesta MK6 ST150
Luke Hockedy -  Ford Fiesta MK6 ST150
Luke Hockedy -  Ford Fiesta MK6 ST150
Luke Hockedy -  Ford Fiesta MK6 ST150
Luke Hockedy -  Ford Fiesta MK6 ST150

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Ford Fiesta MK6 ST150

Instagram: @LukeHocks 

Photographers: @rtwentysix

I am 26 and live in Plymouth.  

What got me into cars – growing up my parents both always had nippy cars and my dad had some old classic Fords including an Escort rs2000.

My dream car – something old school like a Ford mk1/mk2 Escort 

My Cars 

I own a Ford Fiesta MK6 ST150. This is the second fiesta that I have owned. I owned a moondust silver fiesta for 4 years that had a paisley roof and wing and was on air ride. I took that car to many shows across the country and drove over to Austria for a trip to Worthersee. Unfortunately in 2019, the car failed an MOT due to needing a bit of rust work sorted. I decided to strip the car for parts and then later sold the rolling shell. When it failed MOT, it was during show season and I couldn’t have a car to show. This is why I then decided to buy my current car, the performance blue ST that had had 1 lady owner from new and mileage was 46k.

I then had to start building another show car for the 2020 season as I wanted to make loads of changes to the car ready for show season. I took both cars down to Harley at @shedwerx who did my original air install on the first fiesta whilst I was on holiday in Cyprus with my girlfriend. He took the air and boot install from the old and put into the new. Also, whilst it was down there he did a little notching on the front and added some camber for me on the rear so it sits lip when aired out on the rear. We landed back in Bristol about 6 am from Cyprus after a week in the sun, went home, got a few hours' kip then headed down to collect it. 

I then started the build process, took the car to a body shop to get the front bumper smoothed and the grills resprayed gloss black. When I got the car back I took the headlights out, split them and painted them gloss black with blue rings. I later installed a set of USDM lights to finish the headlights off. 

I then wanted some new wheels for the 2020 season so got in contact with my wheel supplier @wheelpoweruk who helped me choose some wheels. They got them in stock for me to go and collect. 


I decided to make the most out of lockdown and was looking for different things to do to the car. I looked around the house and found one of my mum’s old summer dresses and started cutting it up and glued it to my interior pillars. On my girlfriend’s birthday, my TRC low line kit arrived so I got that installed and fitted the same day, unfortunately for my girlfriend, she had to take a back seat <3 oops!

Having finished (for the moment) building this car and because of the lockdown, I and my girlfriend are finally able to buy a house, including an amazing garage. There will be loads more projects happening in my new garage from now on.  

Car specs


  • Airlift 3P management with custom struts
  • BC camber adjustable top mounts


  • Standard 2 litre petrol
  • K&N induction
  • Frankenstein exhaust
  • Chrome engine covers with blue dressing 
  • Power steering relocation 


  • Standard blue half leather front seats 
  • Homemade pillars 
  • Grip Royal steering wheel 
  • Audio build 
  • False floor with sunken air tank and hardlines 
  • Twin sub in the boot
  • Upgraded door speakers 
  • Vibe speakers behind the seats and 6x9 speakers in the boot 


  • Smoothed front bumper 
  • Gloss black plastics 
  • Custom diffuser 
  • TRC low line kit 
  • Split headlights with USDM mod 
  • LED fog lights with acid green fog light covers from @thatfoglightguy 
  •  Raised spoiler with homemade raisers 
  • Jr18 wheels wrapped in Falken tyres 


I couldn’t have done this without the help of my sponsors at @monstershine_car_care. I have been partnered up with these guys for over 4 years. They have been keeping my cars in tip-top condition, they are a great bunch of lads and their customer service is amazing. Discount Code - LHFIESTA

I have also been a part of @Deadlowuk for a number of years. Again, a great group of people, gutted we weren’t able to hit up Liverpool together for a show this year due to Covid. Hopefully, we can rearrange for next year. Discount Code - LHFEZ15

And finally, @zeroeffortbrand who I recently partnered up with this year they will be an up and coming brand to hit the scene. Discount Code – HOCKS10


I’d like to thank everybody for the work they have done on my cars over the years, a big thanks to Harley at @Shedwerx, I 100% recommend him for any air-related issues, great guy and knows his stuff. I want to thank Monstershine for the amazing partnership we have had together and all my mates that have helped with doing bits along the way. Wheel power for sourcing my wheels and steering wheel. And mainly shout out to my girlfriend Ashleigh for having to put up with all the early mornings for car shows and the ferrying around to drop and collect the car and parts. 

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