Matt - Imprezza JDM STi

My first Impreza was a 99 Impreza UK Turbo 2000 bought from a family member

Matt - Imprezza JDM STi
Matt - Imprezza JDM STi
Matt - Imprezza JDM STi
Matt - Imprezza JDM STi
Matt - Imprezza JDM STi
Matt - Imprezza JDM STi

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Howdy Folks, My name is Matt,

Aged 37 and I work in IT as my day job and a freelance photographer in my spare time, based in Berkshire. 

Instagram: @that_jdm_sti

Instagram: @MJR_Ph0t0graphy

Facebook: @MJRPh0t0graphy

What got me into the car scene? - Growing up all those many many years ago, I was from the Max Power era full of mental builds, big chrome wheels, mental bodykits and I.C.E installs. From here, it transitioned to Need for Speed on gaming consoles before Fast & Furious really bought the limelight to the modified car scene. F&F showed that it wasn’t just a scene, or sticking up your motor, it was a culture, a lifestyle, a movement! That movement still continues today in a very different way to the 80’s and 90’s but the key objective remains, turning a blank canvas to a personal creation. 

I fell in love with the Impreza when I was about 18 and could probably put this down to that unique sounding flat four “boxer” set up - which I am sure draws most people to the Impreza. 

My first Impreza was a 99 Impreza UK Turbo 2000 bought from a family member. It was fairly standard apart from some wheels, exhaust and the obligatory dump valve. I then bought a Blob converted Bug WRX PPP (Prodrive Performance Pack) which was around the 240bhp mark, to my current imported JDM STi. I had wanted a white Impreza for years and when this one came up, I had to jump on it. From the very start of ownership, I had a vision of what I wanted it to look like and what direction I was going to head with my build. 6 years later, I think I have realised my vision. Remapped earlier this year by Bob Rawle and achieved just over 400bhp - not bad for a daily!!

Key mods include:

  • Mishimoto Induction Kit
  • Front Mount Intercooler (heat wrapped piping)
  • Racing Lines 340lph fuel pump
  • Billet Hybrid VF37 Twinscroll
  • H&S 3inch full decat exhaust system
  • BC Racing coilovers
  • ABW 40mm arch extensions
  • ABW Rear Diffuser
  • XXR 527 18 x 9.75 ET20 alloy wheels
  • Chargespeed Carbon Fibre side skirt extensions
  • RPG Carbon Fibre gurney flap
  • Carbon Fibre mirror covers
  • Carbon Fibre canards
  • Samco red silicon hosing
  • Perrin radiator shroud
  • Perrin pulley cover
  • And many many more

Most of the work has been done by myself or with the help of some friends and have used services of some specialists in the area too. I'd like to give a shout out to Dan at Surrey Subaru Specialists (based in Camberley) for not only the support he has given me on my project, but continues to provide to a number of local Subaru groups. 

I haven’t entered my project into any competitions but do attend a number of car shows and events in the year to a) not only show off my pride and joy but also b) i usually cover most events for photography services. 

Is my build finished? I don’t think it will ever be truly finished, in fact, when i come to think of it, these things never really are 100% finished, but isn’t that all part of the fun. 

Looking forward, I think about what my dream car would be and think it would have to be an R35 GTR, finished in the saucy bronze colour! But a special place in my heart will always be reserved for the Impreza.

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