Rob Gadsby- Nissan 350z

Once I was done with the Corsa scene I moved on and bought a Mercedes A45 AMG

Rob Gadsby- Nissan 350z
Rob Gadsby- Nissan 350z
Rob Gadsby- Nissan 350z
Rob Gadsby- Nissan 350z
Rob Gadsby- Nissan 350z
Rob Gadsby- Nissan 350z

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Rob Gadsby

Nissan 350z

Instagram: @Rob_350z 

This is the dream car I never knew I wanted. Growing up I always thought cars were cool but never had much of an interest until I started my apprenticeship at 17. I made a friend that had a Corsa D dropped on coilovers with a custom exhaust, not to everyone's taste but I loved it! I bought myself a Corsa D and got to work painting the wheels and the grille matte black with no prep or primer, I de-wipered it and destroyed the rear wiper in the process. It's all learning! I still see that car 4 years later and the paint has held on well, surprisingly! 

Once I was done with the Corsa scene I moved on and bought a Mercedes A45 AMG, I didn't want to spam my personal Instagram with photos of the car and so I made a separate one for the car. This really changed my interaction with the car scene and I started to connect with people from all over the place and we'd talk cars and feature each other! Although it's a great car I didn't feel engaged with it and my love of cars started dropping off. I got rid of it and did some soul-searching, I had no idea where to move forwards in the world of cars. I wanted something a bit different with a cool engine and a car people didn't tend to see much, I looked into 370Zs and a very good friend of mine suggested a 350Z.

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I've always been a fan of how these looked and so I test drove one that was nearby. After leaving the forecourt and putting my foot down during the test drive, I knew it was the car for me, the engine noise coupled with the exhaust tone alone showed me this is exactly what I wanted. The only problem was that this particular car had a fair few issues, which, for a 350Z isn't that common, especially considering it was an HR model. I searched on Auto Trader and found an immaculate example with very low mileage. After a stressful battle, I managed to get enough of my money back and journeyed 2 and a half hours to Yorkshire and finally found the car for me. Within a week of owning it, it had a custom back box delete fitted and a new set of brakes on the way. It's been such a fun project and I've even had my dad helping to fit a new spoiler and watching me fit a new air intake with a beer in the summer.

It was a struggle to finally get to find the car for me but I'm more than happy with how it's panned out. It took 5 years but I finally found my dream car that I didn't even know I wanted and I look forward to seeing where it takes me in the future.

Exterior Modifications:

  • Spyder Headlights
  • EBC Vented & Grooved Brake Discs with Yellowstuff Pads
  • Eibach 30mm Lowering Springs
  • Japan Racing Wheel Spacers
  • Wheels Sprayed Gold with Black Nissan HubCaps
  • LEDL Tuning Spoiler
  • Rear Windows & Light Tints
  • Door Handles Wrapped in Gloss Black
  • Gloss Black 'Z' Badges 

Engine Modifications:

  • Takeda Induction Kit
  • Exhaust Back Box Delete
  • Engine Cover Painted Black & Red

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Interior Modifications:

  • Custom Shift Knob
  • Pioneer SPH-DA120 Head Unit

Future Modifications:

  • 370Z Nismo Front Bumper
  • Air Ride
  • Wrap
  • Remap

Would love to turbo it one day but it would probably kill me

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