Sophie Leigh Edwards 1996 Honda Civic Widebody

I originally thought she was stolen and was absolutely devastated but after half an hour I received word from a family friend that they had seen it on the back of a recovery truck heading to the scrap with another car on top of the roof of my civic. 

Sophie Leigh Edwards  1996 Honda Civic Widebody
1996 Honda Civic Widebody
Sophie Leigh Edwards  1996 Honda Civic Widebody
Sophie Leigh Edwards  1996 Honda Civic Widebody
Sophie Leigh Edwards  1996 Honda Civic Widebody
Sophie Leigh Edwards  1996 Honda Civic Widebody
Sophie Leigh Edwards  1996 Honda Civic Widebody
Sophie Leigh Edwards  1996 Honda Civic Widebody

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Sophie Leigh Edwards

1996 Honda Civic Widebody

Instagram: @Sxphie_Lxigh

Im 19, from Scotland, Aberdeen. Unfortunately, I don’t have a job atm but I’ve previously done a few years in college of mechanical and engineering, I plan to do something with it in the near future. My hobbies are mostly all car-related as well, whether it’s drawing cars or going to car shows car events with a partner, who’s currently teaching me how to drift.

What got me into cars was growing up with mostly all my family members sharing a passion for cars, it had a big impact on it and also watching the ‘fast and furious’ movies or playing the Forza and the need for speed on the Xbox. It made me fall In love with the whole idea of modifying a car to be completely unique and different from the ones that you would normally see daily. 

Why this car?

This car means more to me than most things on this earth, it’s not just a piece of metal with wheels that gets me from A to B, I have such a sentimental connection/attention with her. She was a gift from my partner which I cannot be grateful enough for her, after a few months owning her my neighbours complained about the noise but instead of reporting it for the noise they reported it as an abandoned car and within a few days it was uplifted. I originally thought she was stolen and was absolutely devastated but after half an hour I received word from a family friend that they had seen it on the back of a recovery truck heading to the scrap with another car on top of the roof of my civic. 

Within 10 minutes we arrived outside the scrap and proceeded to ask the owner if he had it, he denied all acknowledgement of having it but because I had my spoiler and the highest tilt setting I could see it just behind a few of the other cars. I ran past the guy and into the scrapyard whilst I was being told not to and sat in my car and locked the doors, one of the workers came up to me and told me it was next in line to be crushed and that I had to get out of it. I was destroyed when I saw the state of my car let alone being told it was next to be crushed after he left I got out and pushed my civic all the way to the bottom gates by myself after about 10 minutes of struggle. 

I think that my adrenaline kicked in, as seeing my car in such a destroyed state upset but angered me and I wasn’t allowing her to be crushed no matter what stood in my way. After I got her to the gates I managed to get her out of the scrapyard and back to my house, To find that not only had they destroyed it but they had also taken my induction kit and subwoofers. The doors were dented along with the pillars, my windscreen was smashed, the roof was dented in and there was a dent on the front driver arch. After that I was more than determined to get her back in the game but better than she was before, it also gave me the excuse to give it a wide body kit if I could find the right one.

Why did you modify this car?

After the uplift of it, the damage was critical and if I went through insurance it most likely would’ve been a write-off but I wasn’t willing to give up on her like that. I made the best out of a bad situation and decided that because of the recent damages she had that it gave me more of an excuse to modify her the way I had always wanted to in my head, she was far too pretty before to ruin with cutting the arches but afterwards I wasn’t really too fussed as cutting the arches would’ve been the least of my concerns with the body.

What does it feel like owning this car?

There’s no easy way to describe how this car makes me feel when I first owned her I couldn’t believe that I could ever own such a pretty car, to some it was just another civic. Whenever I was feeling upset, I would just go and sit in the civic and cheer myself up a bit or go out and clean her, as she always made me smile no matter how I felt. Now that she’s completely changed I will never get over the fact that I can proudly call her mine. Just looking back on her in the car park just makes my day knowing that no matter what I will always have Ruby.

What do you think makes it unique?

I’d definitely have to say that the body kit on her is the main feature that makes her stand out compared to all the other civics, she was the first fitted and painted m&m body kitted hatchback ek in the UK. Not only does the body make her stand out but she has the power to back up her looks with a b16a2 that’s pushing 212bhp. 

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Spec List

Engine Mods : 

  • B16A2 JDM Engine 
  • Skunk cams 
  • Skunk Pro Inlet
  • 78mm tb 
  • Rca Injectors
  • Aem Long Arm Intake 
  • Walbro Fuel Pump
  • Ported and Polished Head
  • Aem Valve Springs 
  • Pro Sport Larger Bore 421 Manifold
  • 2.5 Unsilenced Titanium Exhaust Straight Through
  • P28 ECU with Chip 
  • 9.2K Redline with Vtec at 5.5K
  • HKS Earthing Kit
  • Smoothed Tucked and Painted Engine Bay with Customed Bronze Sparkle
  • Painted Block Gearbox 
  • EK9 Lsd Gearbox 
  • Stage 1 Paddle Clutch with Lighting and Balanced Flywheel
  • Mitsubishi Evo Intercooler 

Suspension -

  • Meister R Coilovers
  • Hard Race Lca's Purple
  • Neochrome Support Bar
  • Neochrome Stengthing bar 
  • 262 Drilled and Grooves Brakes 
  • 17' Wolfrace Alloys with Nankang NS2 R's

Exterior -

  • Buddy Club Front Bumper
  • M&M Widebody Kit ( First m&m kitted hatch in the UK )
  • American Imported Angel Eye Headlights
  • Siebon Carbon Bonnet 
  • EK9 Rear Lip 
  • EK9 Spoiler On Tilted Brackets 
  • Full Respray in MK1 Escort Sebring Red
  • JDM Led Rear Lights ( Mega rare only set known in the county )
  • Audi TT Aluminium Fuel Flap

Interior -

  • EK9 Recaros 
  • Buddy Club Spec 2 Harness
  • Nardi Wooden Steering Wheel
  • Mugen Shifter
  • Sony Pioneer Head Unit with Bluetooth
  • Sony Speakers 
  • Subwoofer x 3
  • Heart twsurikawa

I haven’t really done much of the work on the car just a few little bits that are easy enough to do but most of it is all my idea, unfortunately, my partner gets the joys of building my mad ideas but all my appreciation goes to him for that. After all, if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have had the civic in the first place. 

Future Plans

There are many future plans for the civic but it’s all just one step at a time, unfortunately, the next one on the list would be fixing the gearbox and the windscreen as recently she’s decided to cause us some issues with snapping a gear selector or the bonnet flying opening and smashing the windscreen. But some of the other future plans are to turbo her and get some graphics up the side, maybe a chrome window tint but the rest is all kept a secret. Never know what to expect from her.


I’d fully recommend a civic as a first car as they take abuse most of the time and can handle a fair amount of burnouts if that’s what you desire, in all seriousness, they aren’t stupidly priced to insure but it is hard to get one with no rust for a good price. They are easy enough to modify and have it looking nice for not much, it’s a great little car.


The civic inspired me to open up my main group which is Unique Outlaws, we have gained over 2,000 members and hopefully will gain more in the future. My main shout out has to go to my partner Sean Smith / SS Autotec drifting for building my car for me and making my dreams come true with her as without him I would never have had her. 

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What does the car scene bring you?

In all honesty, there isn’t much the car scene has brought me as people can be fair to judgemental to females in the car scene, tbh not even just females they can be harsh to absolutely everyone but as a female, you always get comments like “That’s your Boyfriends car, Funded by only fans, women should be in the kitchen” There’s is only a fair few people that I’ve met through the car seen that have been genuine. 

Dream car

My dream car would have to be an Evo 9, the first time I ever saw one I fell in love and ever since then I always dreamed of having one. I do have other dream cars but that would be the first one I’d love to own.

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