Thomas Walton - Bagged 2013 Golf R 

The Car is tuned to APR Stage 1+ with an APR HPFP, Integrated Engineering Intake, and CTS Turbo Outlet Pipe to really wake up the car overstock.

Thomas Walton  - Bagged 2013 Golf R 
Thomas Walton  - Bagged 2013 Golf R 
Thomas Walton  - Bagged 2013 Golf R 
Thomas Walton  - Bagged 2013 Golf R 
Thomas Walton  - Bagged 2013 Golf R 
Thomas Walton  - Bagged 2013 Golf R 
Thomas Walton  - Bagged 2013 Golf R 
Thomas Walton  - Bagged 2013 Golf R 
Thomas Walton  - Bagged 2013 Golf R 
Thomas Walton  - Bagged 2013 Golf R 
Thomas Walton  - Bagged 2013 Golf R 
Thomas Walton  - Bagged 2013 Golf R 
Thomas Walton  - Bagged 2013 Golf R 

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Thomas Walton

Bagged 2013 Golf R 

Instagram: @tmw.sixr

Photographer: @merrick_media

Shout out: @revolvewheels


I grew up always loving cars from watching the fast and furious movies, playing hours of Need for Speed, or listening to my dad talk about his favourite cars. Which segways right into the main reason why I love cars. My dad. Growing up he always talked about cars and how much he loved them. I'd watch, learn, and help him with any car project he was working on. His long list of dream cars has definitely played an influence on mine. I love all cars, whether it's a stanced,m show car or a fully built track car, or anything with an engine and 4 wheels really, I'm all about it. I also love modifying cars, there's no way I could ever own a car and just keep it stock. I think it came from building legos as a kid, always wanting to build, tear it apart, rebuild or recreate it in my own way. Cars are just giant Lego Sets to me. I feel like I can express who I am through how I modify and present my car if that makes sense. 

The first car I bought in cash with my hard-earned money was a 2007 Volkswagen GTI with 147k miles. In my opinion, the greatest enthusiast starter car. It was easy to work on, parts were relatively cheap for a German car, and they're quick and nimble but won't get you into too much trouble. I drove the hell out of that car, and with it being at over 140k miles was working on it almost every day. Learning to wrench and repair everything I could myself. I loved that car, but I had found myself in a great job right out of high school (college was not for me), and I realized I could now afford what I originally wanted when searching for my first car, a Volkswagen Golf R. It was everything the GTI was, but even better, a bigger turbo and AWD, which is perfect for where I live (Utah, lots of snow in the winter). 

So I started my search for my new car, after many days of research, I had my sights set on a bone stock MK6 Golf R. I was finding good examples but was having trouble finding the Golf R that screamed BUY ME RIGHT NOW. My search spanned over 2 months or so, again only looking for bone stock examples, I wanted to do everything myself and in my way.  During my search, I went to one of my first "stance" car shows (Scrapefest 2018) and fell in love with a MK6 Golf R on Air Suspension. After seeing that car in person I knew that's the direction I wanted to go. A few days later I was sent a link to an ad listing I had always just passed by in my search, A bagged 2013 Golf R wrapped gloss light blue with red Rotiform CCVs. I had passed over it since it was already modified, but my friend convinced me to just go check it out. After taking it for a test drive, I fell in love, most likely since it had an APR Stage 1 tune already done as well as an intake which really woke the car up compared to the stock examples I drove previously and bought the car a week later. 

I knew when before buying it that it needed work, due to some questionable work done by a shop that is now out of business (wonder why). But I loved it so much, I knew it would be worth the extra work to make it perfect and how I wanted. 2 weeks after buying it, I had it up on jack stands, I ripped out the poorly installed air suspension management, trunk setup, and aftermarket sound system. Me and my pops got to work and over the next 2 cold winter months of tinkering in the garage, had it back on the road with everything installed exactly how I wanted, and all my work has held up amazing now 2 years later. 

We built a custom Fiberglass Sub Box to replace the bulky wooden box, built a custom amp rack for the amplifiers, installed a brand new Accuair Endo CT Tank to replace the 2 tanks and compressors, and redesigned and built the trunk setup. Next was making the car my own, I didn't want to be known as "the kid that bought the built car". But I had just bought the car and had already dumped a lot more money then what I had wanted into getting everything working perfectly. So I settled on a new wrap and powder coating the wheels a different colour. I then went through my first "car season" going to every cruise, meet or car show I could find. taking home a few awards even. I started meeting new friends and was loving it. But at the end of the season, I was still not convinced the "build" was really mine. So as soon as the snow started falling, I put the car back on jack stands and got to work. I sold the rotiforms and removed the wrap. I did all the bodywork myself, "shaving" the front bumper (blending the side marker reflectors and headlight washer caps) and fixed little blemishes here and there. 

For my first time doing bodywork, I was happy with the results and pressed on with my plan. I wanted wide 3 Piece wheels, but not just any wheels or someones used set, I wanted to find the perfect set. So I started to search for my "dream wheels". I got connected with a company called Revolve Wheels. The smaller and relatively new company, but loved what they were putting out. So after a great conversation with Rob Torrez (marketing - Revolve wheels), I signed my first sponsorship agreement and ordered exactly what I wanted. While I waited I needed to make room for the wide wheels I ordered. So I got to cutting the fenders up and got a set of Wide ZG over-fender flares from the Fiberglass Mafia meant for Datsun 240z. 

The MK6 platform is very round and curvy, I thought the flares would flow very well with the body lines, and at that time no one had really made an actual widebody kit for the car. I got those installed, in addition to a few more goodies I had my eyes on. A Carbon Fiber Revozport spoiler extension and one of my favourite additions to the car, the INNO Wedge 660 Roof Box that looks like it was made exactly for the Mk6 platform. The wheels finally arrived and I got everything put together. I then took it to my good friend, Jon Black, at Vizual labs for the new wrap. 

We chose the most insane colour ever, Coral Peach by Teck Wrap. Pictures don't do it justice this colour is amazing, its peach but has a gold metallic flake in it and almost colour shifts depending on the light. I love people's reactions when I tell them it's a wrap and not paint. I am happy to say everything is done by me in my garage and I film the whole process to share on my youtube channel, TMW YT, which is based around installing car parts and other car-related content. 

One of my favourite things about the car that you don't see unless you look inside is the custom sound system with all Rockford Fosgate components that sounds amazing and will knock your socks off at full volume. Also, the car is tuned to APR Stage 1+ with an APR HPFP, Integrated Engineering Intake, and CTS Turbo Outlet Pipe to really wake up the car overstock. But the build is far from over, I feel like I have barely scratched the surface. With the COVID 19 pandemic basically ruining the 2020 car season, I will be keeping the wrap the same for next year, more people have to see this colour in person and I hope that car shows happen in 2021 so I can share the build as much as possible. 


  • Front and Rear VW Badge Deleted and shaved
  • Teck Wrap Coral Peach Wrap by Vizual Labs with 5% Window Tint and 50% Windshield Tint and Rainbow Chrome Brand Decals and a Satin Black Roof with a matching Toyo Tires windshield banner
  • Revozport Carbon Fiber Big Spoiler
  • Fibreglass Mafia Wide ZG Flares
  • Shaved Front Bumper
  • Depo Dark Cherry Euro Style LED Tail Lights
  • Inno Wedge 660 Roof Cargo Box 


  • Airlift Performance Series Front and Rear Air Bags/Struts
  • Accuair E Level Height Sensors
  • Accuair VU4 manifold
  • Accuair Endo CT Tank
  • Frame Notched (to air all the way out without the front passenger axle binding on the frame) 


  • Revolve Wheels Subject No. 86
  • Polished Step Lips, Gold Hardware, High Polished DDT Faces
  • Fronts 18x10 +0
  • Rears 18x11 -12
  • Toyo Tires Proxes Sports
  • Fronts 265/35/r18
  • Rears 275/35/r18


  • Rockford Fosgate P3 D12 Subwoofer
  • Rockford Fosgate T165 6.5" Door Speakers
  • Custom Fiberglass Sub Box
  • Rockford Fosgate 2400W 4 Channel Amplifier
  • Rockford Fosgate 750W Monoblock Amplifier
  • Kenwood DMX7706S Head Unit
  • Accuair Air Management with E Level Controller 
  • Accuair Endo CT Tank
  • Custom Trunk Setup
  • Custom Amp Rack
  • ZiZa LED Interior Light Kit
  • Weathertech Floor Mats
  • Custom Mirror Mount Wire Tuck 
  • Uniden R3 Radar Detector 


  • APR Stage 1+ ECU Tune
  • APR High-Pressure Fuel Pump
  • Integrated Engineering Intake
  • CTS Turbo Outlet Pipe
  • ECS Tuning Street Shield Skid Plate

I have already started ordering more parts for 2021, the main one and my favourite being the first actual widebody kit for the MK6 designed and made by JUMDOO. My R will be the 1st in the world to have this kit installed and I am insanely excited. I also need to show the engine and permanence some love and I'm currently gathering all the parts required for a stage 2 ECU Tune. Plus many many more plans and upgrades in the works. If you want to keep up with the build progress be sure to check out my youtube channel, where you'll find me doing everything I love with the occasional appearance of my pops for help, as he has his hands full with his own build, which is also featured on the channel.

Future Mods:

  • JUMDOO Widebody Kit
  • Custom MK7 Rocket Bunny Spoiler 
  • Integrated Engineering Stage 2+ Pro ECU Tune
  • Clutch Masters Stage 3 Daily Clutch with Lightweight Flywheel
  • 42 Draft Designs Catless Turbo Back Exhaust
  • Integrated Engineering Billet Valve Cover
  • Integrated Engineering Oil Catch Can
  • ARM Front Mount Intercooler
  • CTS Turbo Throttle Charge Pipe
  • Snow Performance Meth Injection Kit 
  • RexSuperSport Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel with Shift Lights and LED Screen
  • Status Racing Fixed Back Bucket Seats
  • Rear Seat Delete
  • Custom Half Cage
  • Custom Chassis Mount Front Splitter
  • Custom Chassis Mount Rear Diffuser
  • Custom Side Skirt Extensions

A never-ending list but I'm wanting to do all of the above within the next year...

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