Unveiling the Unique 2019 Subaru STI - casperthesti

Embark on a heartfelt journey with Rene Vocioni, a passionate car enthusiast, as he shares the incredible story of his life-changing connection to the 2019 Subaru STI. Discover the unique build and the challenges he faced.

Unveiling the Unique 2019 Subaru STI - casperthesti
2019 Subaru STI
Unveiling the Unique 2019 Subaru STI - casperthesti
Unveiling the Unique 2019 Subaru STI - casperthesti
Unveiling the Unique 2019 Subaru STI - casperthesti
Unveiling the Unique 2019 Subaru STI - casperthesti
Unveiling the Unique 2019 Subaru STI - casperthesti
Unveiling the Unique 2019 Subaru STI - casperthesti
Unveiling the Unique 2019 Subaru STI - casperthesti
Unveiling the Unique 2019 Subaru STI - casperthesti
Unveiling the Unique 2019 Subaru STI - casperthesti
Unveiling the Unique 2019 Subaru STI - casperthesti
Unveiling the Unique 2019 Subaru STI - casperthesti

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Rene Vocioni

Car Model and Year

2019 Subaru STI

Instagram: @casperthesti

Photographer: Jake Blackstaffe

Instagram: @theblackstaffe

A Lifelong Passion Unleashed

Meet Rene Vocioni, a 37-year-old car enthusiast whose life has been a fascinating journey of automotive adventures. From his first car, a 1987 Honda CRX, to his latest pride and joy, the 2019 Subaru STI, Rene's story is one of resilience, passion, and a commitment to building dream cars.

2019 Subaru STI

From CRX to American Muscle

Rene's journey began at the age of 16 with a 1987 Honda CRX. The spark of building cars ignited when he witnessed his older brother's unconventional project—a supercharged Chevrolet Cavalier. The passion for the extraordinary fueled Rene's automotive pursuits, leading him to own an exhilarating 2008 Dodge Challenger.

A Twist of Fate and a New Beginning

In 2018, Rene faced a health crisis that changed the trajectory of his life. Hospitalized with liver and pancreas failure, he found himself at a crossroads. However, against all odds, his body started healing itself. The newfound lease on life prompted Rene to pursue his ultimate dream: building his dream car.

Crafting Dreams with Boostbarn Motorsports

Rene's dream took shape with the 2019 Subaru STI, a canvas for his automotive expression. With the expertise of Boostbarn Motorsports, a Subaru-specialized workshop, Rene began the slow and deliberate process of customization, all while sharing his journey and promoting mental health awareness through his content.

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The engine of a 2019 Subaru STI

Modification list :

  • Cobb tubing front mount intercooler
  • Cobb fuel injectors 1050cc
  • Cobb access port
  • Cobb carbon fibre intake inlet
  • Cobb AOS 
  • Cobb Fuel pressure regulator
  • Cobb fuel pump
  • Turbo smart duel port blow-off valve 
  • Perrin E4 equal-length big tube header
  • Airlift performance suspension 
  • Protuned by BoostBarn Motorsports
  • Likewise Ghost shift knob
  • Apr GTC-300 carbon wing
  • Jdm muscle F1 rear brake light
  • Seibon TP - carbon fibre front grill 
  • Invidia catless Downpipe
  • Turbosx Up pipe
  • 40mm EWG turbo smart 
  • Cobb flex fuel E85
  • Tomei Ti Expreme single exit exhaust 
  • Pandem Oirem widebody 
  • 3 piece 18” bradaforged custom wheels 
  • Nbr front brace 
  • Lowglow underglow 
  • Subispeed LED headlights
  • Infamous aero custom full aero 
  • DND performance steering wheel  
  • Custom trunk setup

Passion Beyond the Build

Rene's journey expanded beyond building cars. The focus shifted to creating a supportive community where individuals could find solace and share their experiences. Charity car meets became an annual tradition, showcasing Rene's commitment to giving back and making a positive impact.

The interior of a 2019 Subaru STI

Unveiling the Unique STI

Rene's 2019 Subaru STI stands out as the first in Canada to boast the Pandem Oiram widebody kit, a testament to his commitment to uniqueness. The build, executed by Rene himself with significant contributions from Boostbarn Motorsports, showcases the artistry and innovation within the automotive community.

Looking Ahead - Future Plans and Secrets

While Rene keeps future plans under wraps, the excitement and anticipation build. The shock factor of revealing his car each year adds an element of surprise, keeping the automotive community eagerly awaiting what's next.

Words of Wisdom for Fellow Enthusiasts

Rene's advice to fellow car enthusiasts resonates: "Build your car the way you want and be proud of yourself." Embrace individuality and style, disregarding external opinions. The beauty of the hobby lies in the diversity of artistic expression.

Acknowledging the Support 

Rene extends gratitude to key contributors in his journey, including Boostbarn Motorsports and DND Performance Interior. Their collaboration has been instrumental in bringing his dream to life.

2019 Subaru STI

The Essence of the Car Scene in Rene's Life

For Rene, the car scene is a source of positivity and pride. Recognition in public, inspired by his social media presence, has been a blessing, reinforcing the sense of community that makes the automotive world so special.

Dreaming Beyond - The R34 Skyline GTR

Rene's dream car, the R34 Skyline GTR, serves as a symbol of aspirations and future possibilities, keeping the passion alive and the journey ever-evolving.

A Journey of Resilience and Passion

Rene Vocioni's story with the 2019 Subaru STI is more than a tale of a car build; it's a testament to resilience, passion, and the transformative power of the automotive community. Join Rene on his ongoing journey as he continues to inspire and make a positive impact in the world of cars.

So, what's your car story? Share it with us, and let's keep the engines of passion running!

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