Extremebhp Official Blackpool Illuminations Convoy 2020

Sunday, October 18, 2020 at 7 PM – 10 PM

Extremebhp Official Blackpool Illuminations Convoy 2020

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Well after our last illuminations convoy everyone has been messaging already asking for next years event to be posted so here it is! So it’s time to start arranging our Annual Illuminations Convoy. 
Im sure if youve been before youll agree they are definately an event not to be missed! This years was phenomenal! I always think they can’t be topped from the year before but they  always are amazing beyond what we can only wish for :) 

Front car will be a member of staff and back car is another member of staff  (both with Extreme stickers on) Cars will be put on nearer the time. Any problems, we are in constant contact with each other so please pull over if there are any issues.

Please do NOT leave the meeting point until staff have left as you will not be able to go through the lights etc with police back up and council back up. 
We have tried to accommodate everyone by having it on a Sunday night but please please be aware that it will be very busy so patience is going to be needed. For anyone that's been before though you'll agree its worth it as the atmosphere is amazing! 

Please don’t overtake the car in front. Safety is paramount and plays a huge part in our events. Anyone taking the piss will be banned from our future events.
Please treat us, our vehicles and other members with the respect we give you.
Please remember we work hard to get the police on side every year so don't be a dick round them either. They will be present at some point so don't give them reason to pull you :) 
As always we thank you for your continued support  
Any questions please feel free to message us or comment
More details will be added nearer the time 

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