Welcome to Suzuki Sport Owners Club (SSOC)

A very friendly well organised and active group,lots of beautiful cars and great members, very helpful Admin and Moderators

Welcome to Suzuki Sport Owners Club (SSOC)

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The names have changed a little over the past couple of years so our name is Suzuki Swift Sport Owners Club (SSSOC). We started out as Suzuki Sport Owners Club (SSOC). We also combined with Swift Owners and also Suzuki Swift Owners, gave us the current club name SSSOC. 

Website: www.SSSOC.co.uk

Instagram: @Suzuki_sport_owners

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/5922838505/

I don’t know who came up with the name but I joined back in 2013 when I when I had my 2010 sport I attended my first show in 2015 just after I had got my brand new 2015 sport. After this show I was asked to help as admin which led me and a group of friends coming together to take over. There were 6 of us to start with who took over the club in 2015/16. We tried to work hard to sort the club out as there were a lot of different people. We tried to get the club back into doing shows, people talking and being nice to each other, as well as enjoying what we have. The name change came only around 2018/19 when i closed down Swift Owners and just left the SSSOC and SSOC running. We had a change of admin over the past couple of years, people move on, grow older and get new cars. So now we have 5 of us, all very active both online and shows. Also one of them no longer has a swift but will be showing at none jap show. The current team now is myself (Becky), Harry, Lewis, Andrew and Steven. 

The goals of the clubs are to make friends have fun and learn from each other. Car family’s are for life not just whilst you have one make or model of car. Help bring people together, you might not know you live in the next town to someone who is on the page. 

I’m not sure why it started. For us taking it over it was to-do something we enjoyed. We wanted to see the club grow more than it was we wanted to do more shows than there was at the time. We welcome not just swifts to show with us but others.

we do as many shows as we can do, in 2017 we did Japfest at Silverstone with our biggest stand we have had or that I know of, we had around 52 swifts and 2 GT86’s, it was hard to keep everyone happy sorting the stand out but we did it. In 2018 if I remember rightly we had stands for around 12 shows, from Mod Nats to Japfest and JDM Combe, small and big stands, people think because their car isn’t modified they won’t be welcome but anyone is welcome to none modded or even none sports. All our admin team are friendly and welcoming. As for meets it's hard but we do try to do some small meets but again it's hard but we do try.  


BeckySteven and 3 other members 


 BillySef and 3 other members .

At shows  we do have comps depending how many people attend the shows depending on the category we have, but they could be “Best Wheels” to “Best On Stand” We did for a short time do comps on the facebook page but that drifted out after a while.

The facebook page we have as comps monthly to change the background. The website and instagram pages we try up load pictures regularly. 

We don't have a charity per-say but mental health is a big one for me, so anything to do with that really, but most of all if anyone wants to talk I’m here if they ever need me.

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