Dave Moss - VW Caddy

Like with all mods they always lead to something else which is the R32 brake upgrade, I can hand on heart say it was one of the best upgrades so far, they are phenomenal!

Dave Moss - VW Caddy
Dave Moss - VW Caddy
Dave Moss - VW Caddy
Dave Moss - VW Caddy
Dave Moss - VW Caddy
Dave Moss - VW Caddy
Dave Moss - VW Caddy
Dave Moss - VW Caddy
Dave Moss - VW Caddy

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Dave Moss from Premier Bathrooms Yorkshire and this is my Vw Caddy.


I bought the van back in Feb 2019 of a vicar (yes a vicar) with a blown engine! At the time of purchasing the van, I didn't know it had a blown engine,it would empty coolant out of the overflow on a long journey so it didn't show a fault until a few weeks later.

So following the discovery the engine was blown I got in touch with Darkside Developments and they advised I needed to change the block for the Golf Mk 5 ARL platform block, they put me onto SRS Automotive (that are located next door to Darkside) where I purchased the block and a 6-speed box as well.

The van then went into Darkside for the engine work and whilst it was in we upgraded the clutch, pd150 injectors, EGR delete, arp bolts throughout and a rolling road custom map to which it made a comfortable 200bhp with 360 lbs of torque.

What a transformation from what it was, as I do use the van daily for our business we would be getting 50+ mpg on local roads and still had the power there if we needed it. Not long after it was back at Darkside for a full 2 ½ inch S/S exhaust with twin tips with one silencer, (I also grafted an Audi TT rear diffuser into the rear Caddy bumper) the exhaust was a little louder than I anticipated but I love it! Darkside also replaced the existing coil-overs and axle flip as they were also at the end of their life.

I then purchased some Riviera 135 gold alloy wheels which sit really well against the blue! (the colour combo reminds me of the blue Subaru Impreza with gold wheels Colin McRae drove) Like with all mods they always lead to something else which is the R32 brake upgrade, I can hand on heart say it was one of the best upgrades so far, they are phenomenal!

Moving onto the exterior, Caddy Solutions based in Knottingley carried out the 2015 facelift conversion, they did all the welding, painting and installation, they also made my mk7.5 golf GTI custom caddy bumper which looks really aggressive and goes great with the travelinlite caddy front headlights, they also installed the Caddy mk4 rear lights, sportline rear boot spoiler and Vw golf GTI tip spoiler, modified to fit the Caddy Spoiler.

The Caddy interior always lacked an element of finish, I always thought someone had half-heartedly designed the interior and not really thought about the practicalities of not even having an armrest or lockable glove box, everything is a sea of light grey plastic and it had to go!  Caddy Solutions installed Vw Touran, carpets, centre console armrest, dash (with glove box), rear-seat conversion and fully sound deadened and carpeted, to finish we had some dash trims hydro dipped in blue and black and they look incredible!

Lastly, we had Signhouse carry out a “race style wrap” on the van which incorporates all the businesses that have done work on the van and our business which is “Premier Bathrooms Yorkshire” We are extremely happy with the finished product, and it is a clear representation of our brand! I say with a smirk on my face, the wife hates the bumpy ride and loud exhaust, the kids like it just because it stands out even though they rarely go anywhere in it! It's not to everyone's taste but it is to mine and that's all that matters.

VW Caddy

  • Engine - 1.9 TDI - ARL
  • Gearbox - 02Q - 6 Speed Manual

Power Figures

  • 196bhp (147kW) & 360Ft/lbs (489Nm)


  • ARL Engine Conversion
  • Darkside Top Mount Turbo Upgrade
  • 1.9 8v TDI PD150 (ARL) Injector Set - 038 130 073 AL
  • Audi S3 Intercooler for BLS / BRM PD105 and BMM PD140 Engine
  • Hard Pipework Kit
  • Custom Exhaust System
  • 3 BAR MAP Manifold Pressure Sensor
  • Darkside EGR Delete / Race Pipe
  • Darkside Developments Induction / Air Intake Kit
  • Darkside Developments Custom Remap


  • 02Q 6 Speed Gearbox Conversion (Supplied by SRS Automotive)
  • Sachs 02Q DMF with Sachs SRE Performance Clutch Kit


  • ST Suspension ST X Coilover Kit for VW Caddy 2K Lowering Kit


  • 345mm R32 Front Brake Upgrade

Wheels and Tyres

  • Gold 19” Riviera RV135 ET35


  • Custom Caddy/Golf MK7.5 GTI Hybrid Bumper
  • Custom Rear MK1 TT Valance
  • Sportline Boot Spoiler with Golf MK7.5 Maxton Tip Spoiler
  • MK4 Caddy Rear Tail Lights
  • Caddy Life Wing Mirrors
  • Travelinlite DRL Headlights


  • Full Touran Dash, Carpets, Door Cards and Centre Console Armrest
  • A3 S-Line Cloth Seats
  • Touran Rear Seat Conversion
  • Golf MK5 GTI Flat Bottom steering wheel
  • Fully Carpeted Rear with LED Spots

I love every element of the driving experience of my Caddy, the connection with the road, the suspension is quite stiff but surprisingly planted around corners even in the wet, The acceleration through the gears, now it is a maxi with a kerbside weight of around 1500kg and I reckon with the seats, my tools etc, it will be around 2000kg so really for a daily driven van it's got everything a car plus more in my opinion and every time I get in the van it puts a smile on my face!

So this now takes us down a new path, “If you have got a modified Van, truck, pickup or something a little crazy? Get it touch and you could have your van featured on our channel”

“Welcome to Vanned.”

The next feature is due to drop at the end of September!

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