Toms - Caddy Van

In the old days and maybe still we used to call this type of modifed van a passion wagon, this is awesome and the colour is beautiful

Toms - Caddy Van
Toms - Caddy Van
Toms - Caddy Van
Toms - Caddy Van
Toms - Caddy Van
Toms - Caddy Van

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Tom Maunder - Caddy Van

Hey, here's my caddy, originally a bog-standard white van 

I originally got my inspiration from a VW Toffee Brown T5 that had some really nice black wheels and trims that just worked and I wanted to incorporate that into my caddy.

I'm a spray painter by trade and I own my own company, ScuffedUp

So naturally, I cracked on with the paintwork, at the time I wanted to make a start to have it ready for a show that was about 4-5 days away, with the help of my partner I had it stripped, prepped, resprayed and built back together again in under 3 days (never again )

Mods so far:

  • 19" stuggart wheels
  • 3" custom ProFab exhaust
  • 1.6 stage 2 remapped
  • Interior conversion
  • Single/double bed
  • Lanzar subwoofer 8 kenwood speakers
  • Audi Sline seats
  • Kenwood head unit
  • LED galaxy roof lining
  • Neon nanotube interior lighting
  • Laminate flooring
  • Induction kit
  • Custom front bumper
  • Mk4 rear tail lights
  • R32 rear bumper
  • Maxton splitter kit
  • Full paint job
  • Stance+ coilovers
  • Audi Sline air vents
  • Van style rear spoiler
  • Carpet lined interior

After the bodywork was set, I moved onto the wheels, I bought 19" 8.5j Stuttgart alloys that complimented the colour of the bodywork really nicely, Soon after I had stance+ coilovers and got a happy even stance and comfort for my ride preference.

The interior I converted by installing 2 Audi Sline seats full carpet in the driver's cab and in the back, I also installed LED galaxy lights in the roof and neon nanotube lighting around the edges, quite a nice atmosphere with my Lanzar Audio system and 8 Kenwood speakers for a full surround sound feeling, I also made a pull out bed me and the Mrs to go camping at shows and away in the mountains 

Although it is only a 1.6tdi I've had it stage 2 remapped and a full ProFab exhaust system which churns out a nice note for a diesel 

There are loads more that I've done to try and make this one of the cleanest caddy's about, it promotes my business, love for cars and modifying, and a good example of what I do as a career and hobby 

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