Bill Sing - 2013 Subaru Wrx Hatch

It’s been a dream for me to own a Subaru hatchback. Like I said earlier it was because of Paul Walker's hatch is that has inspired me to get one.

Bill Sing - 2013 Subaru Wrx Hatch
Bill Sing - 2013 Subaru Wrx Hatch
Bill Sing - 2013 Subaru Wrx Hatch
Bill Sing - 2013 Subaru Wrx Hatch
Bill Sing - 2013 Subaru Wrx Hatch
Bill Sing - 2013 Subaru Wrx Hatch

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Bill Sing

2013 Subaru Wrx Hatch

Instagram: @xxaustd_wrx

Photographer: @Bucky_photography

So I’m from Fresno California  my hobby other than cars is being a musician for my church, going fishing, videographer and photography as well

What got you into Cars?

What got me into cars was the “Fast and the Furious'' sequel.  I was more interested in the chill laid back and being a one-car family in the movie, not the racing lol why I got the hatch was because of “Brian” (Paul Walker)  Midnight Club was another that really got me into cars especially when you can mod the cars lol So I’ve been a car enthusiast most of my life. A few years ago I built a page for our local car enthusiasts and it’s been amazing!! 

We have meets every Thursdays now (thirsty Thursdays ) we all would come out and enjoy each other’s ride while supporting the local Boba Shops. My first big car event I went to was in Long Beach for Wekfest and boy I had a fun time there!! So many quality builds there!!  I believe without God, my family, friends and CARS I would go crazy!   

My first car after graduation was the Honda Civic it was an automatic which I don’t mind since it’s taking me to college... l later then I got a Mitsubishi Lancer then trade that in for a 2013 Subaru wrx hatch which was always my dream of owning one I would pass by this hatch every morning going to work so after the 4th day of passing it I decided to purchase it. 

Why this Car?

It’s been a dream for me to own a Subaru hatchback. Like I said earlier it was because of Paul Walker's hatch is that has inspired me to get one. at first, it was just the visors on the doors, you know once you do one thing it leads to another and before you know it—you’re broke lol if you’re curious this is the first Manual car I’ve ever driven, thanks to my brother in law for teaching me. 

Feels great now that I can call this my car!! Finally got it all paid off. I’ve always been a fan of Subaru starting with the Hawkeye but I love the stink eye which is my 2013 wrx hatch version of the headlights lol if you don’t know when people say “Hawkeyes”  “blob eyes” or “stink eye” then you shouldn’t own a Subaru lol the 2015+ didn’t have a name. 


If you’re thinking of buying a Subaru or with any car be sure to do the basic maintenance to keep your car running smoothly and longevity. Everything takes time. Set a goal to accomplish and not rush. Get authentic products that don’t cheap your way out just because of funds but save your money.

Just When you’re modding your car it’s okay to ask questions from friends or get ideas but at the end of the day, you’re making it yours because you own it so it's up to you to make any drastic decisions, because you should be building your car for yourself not the clout. 

What makes it Unique?

Just don’t blow up your car by not upgrading the turbo lol can’t go all big and not replace the stock block. 


  • 2.5L Ej motor 

All I have right now is just a downpipe and an AEM cold air intake and tuned by Kevintuned

I have lots of carbon fibre in the engine bay as well which is made by Password: JDM


  • Seibon Carbon hood, 
  • Splitter, sides, 
  • Canards are made by Aeroflowdynamics, 
  • Diffuser made by Con10der
  • Grimmspeed license plate holder. 


  • Rays 57dr gram lights



I have to give a shout out to Kevin tuned and his brother; Aaron as well as Luis Lara, Angel Sandoval for helping me when I run into problems so shout out to them. 

Future Plans?

I don’t really have many plans for it as you all know California is one tough state to literally do any car mods.. but if I were in another state I would’ve upgraded the turbo, flic, wastegate, ark exhaust, and make my car at least 600hp.


I made Cencal automotive meet for the locals here in central California so we can get together and hang out and if there was anyone or anything happening we would find it in one place. 

I’m not in any team but I’m so glad to have met a lot of car buddies due to the same passion. Sometimes we would go on a cruise or just go up to the mountains just to take photos of our cars.  Anyone can add me on my Instagram page as well... My personal account is: @xxaustd_wrx or my media page at: @Khmaibuk_media 

Dream Car

Already got my dream car but if I were to get another car it would have to be a 90’s NSX  or an r34.  I just wanted to get a collection of JDM cars lol 

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