Philip Dennis - TVR Cerbera

When I was 18 / 19  Carisma built the TVR Cerbera. It was the Front cover of Max Power Magazine

Philip Dennis - TVR Cerbera
Philip Dennis - TVR Cerbera
Philip Dennis - TVR Cerbera
Philip Dennis - TVR Cerbera
Philip Dennis - TVR Cerbera
Philip Dennis - TVR Cerbera
Philip Dennis - TVR Cerbera
Philip Dennis - TVR Cerbera
Philip Dennis - TVR Cerbera

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Hi, I'm Philip Dennis, 

General Manager, instagram: @ex_maxpower_tvr

I have always been into modified cars since secondary school. I remember I would take in copies of Max Power & revs etc... to look through during lunch breaks. Once I reached 17, I passed my car test and purchased a 1994 Ford Escort. I also remember back then I started attending the local car meets around Scarborough and used to meet up on the docks on an evening with other car enthusiasts. Since then I have always been a petrol head, usually changing my cars every year or so. Over the years I have owned the following: -

  • Ford Escort
  • Fiat Punto
  • Mr2 2.0 GTI
  • 2 x BMW X5's
  • 2 x BMW 3 Series
  • BMW 5 Series
  • Evo8FQ300
  • 2 x Fiat Coupe Turbo
  • Subaru Impreza STI

When I was 18 / 19  Carisma built the TVR Cerbera. It was the Front cover of Max Power Magazine, I remember looking at it and reading the article. That year it won best show and Carisma also won best stand in show.

Since my Mid 20's I always said I would own a Porsche 911 by the time I was 30, then when 30 came I said by the time I was 35 I would have my Porsche and then just before my 36th Birthday I saw the charisma TVR come up for sale on Ebay. It was in December and I kept looking at it. I loved the look of the car, at this point it had been changed slightly from its max power days with a very nice orange flip paint, TVR Tuscan exhausts and the interior has been toned down a bit as well. 

Even so it looked very impressive but what I loved more than the car was the history, this was probably the most famous TVR ever made. I decided to purchase the car, it was in Scotland near Glasgow so arrange for a low loader to go up and collect it. I didn't see any point in going to view it as I already knew I loved it. Once I had the car it got booked straight into a TVR specialist to give it a look over and a service. I had found out that in the last 10 years it had done the grand total miles of 88 as it had stood in a private collection. I drove it to the garage and left it with him for a few days. 

I had a figure of £1k in mind for a service and a look over. I got a call from the garage and found out that it needed quite a bit of work. I said go ahead and it had all new adjustable suspension fitted, a new clutch, wheel bearing, service, 4 x new Tyres and some other minor bits, £7k later I brought it back. I kept it for a couple of months and then it went back for further work, a new Oil Gauge & temperature clock, some electrics needed sorting as well so that was a further £1500.

Since then the car has been running really nicely and my focus has turned to fixing some of the issues that the TVR has developed over the years like the heater matrix not working & fitting a new alarm and immobiliser. More recently I have purchased a replica spoiler to the original and am having the spoiler struts custom made to match the original. Then onto getting the 2 rear exhausts custom made and fitted to match the original and then onto changing the colour back to Gold.

Stats are as follows: - -

Engine – 4.2 8 Cylinder AJP Engine, redesigned Air Intake with Blitz Filters, Remapped ECU

Suspension – Fully adjustable suspension all round

Wheels – 8.5 x 20 Inch Axis Alloys with Michelin Tyres

Styling – Full charisma designed prototype body kit including F50 Style Bonnet, reworked front end with increased intake size apertures for cooling. Leman style arches and side skirts, reworked rear end.

Performance – Approx 400 bhp, 195 mph Max Speed, 0 – 60mph in around 4 seconds

Follow me on Instagram @ ex_maxpower_tvr for weekly updates and whereabouts when I eventually get round to some shows and meets!



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