Rasawin - 93' Mazda RX7-FD

Overall I think my RX7 is definitely built for me and a lot of other people can see that too! Most people do not know who I am but they know my car!

Rasawin - 93' Mazda RX7-FD
Rasawin - 93' Mazda RX7-FD
Rasawin - 93' Mazda RX7-FD
Rasawin - 93' Mazda RX7-FD
Rasawin - 93' Mazda RX7-FD
Rasawin - 93' Mazda RX7-FD
Rasawin - 93' Mazda RX7-FD
Rasawin - 93' Mazda RX7-FD
Rasawin - 93' Mazda RX7-FD

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Hello all,

My name is Rasawin, aged 24 and currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada!

As a full-time profession, I work as a real estate agent however, I also have a small business called HeyHentai!

Instagram: @heyhentai

Please give my page above a follow for further updates on my builds and releases.

I currently drive a Mazda RX7-FD however; I also own a FR-S! I started building cars pretty late. I started off with a 2012 Civic SL during my senior year in High school.

I then sold the 2012 Civic and got the FR-S to build. After owning the FR-S for a few months, I slowly got into the car scene within my city. After having the FR-S a few years, I had many other projects on the go such as a 240sx, IS300, Miata and even a R35 for a while! I ended up selling all of those and ended up with my RX7-FD! One thing I must say, I have been loving the challenges and results I get with this vehicle.

Did I grow up in a family of petrol heads? Well, I had uncles who loved cars but never really built any. So I would say, not really! I kind of founds the love and passion for cars myself along the years.

I would say that the RX7 definitely has a lot of distinct characteristics, for example, my heart tail lights being custom and a one-off design! Oh, and also my interior looks a bit plain at first but there are many little details there that differentiate it from many other cars out there. Also having a RHD RX7 in the states is quite rare at the moment, however, as the years pass by I am expecting for more to come from the motherland, Japan!

Overall I think my RX7 is definitely built for me and a lot of other people can see that too! Most people do not know who I am but they know my car!

I had my fair share of difficulties with the rotary. The RX7-FD comes with a 13B sequential twin-turbo. When I first bought my vehicle, it was from a friend of a friend. It drove fine for about 350 miles and it broke down, fuel and oil leakage everywhere from the bottom of the engine. At this point, I knew it needed the infamous rebuild that ALL rotaries have to go through around 50-60k miles. It was a step by step learning process for sure but DK from “itsGarageLife” helped me get her back in tip-top shape. Any questions I had relating to rotaries, he would answer. So it was a hard learning curve, but I wasn't afraid to take.

Is my car an import? Yes, my car is imported from Osaka, Japan. It is a 1993 RX7-FD.

Would I recommend people buying the RX7-FD? To be quite honest with you, I would not recommend this car to people who do not actually have a real passion for cars! The FD needs to have basic maintenance done within 1-3 months every time. You can’t miss it or it can possibly ruin your car at a later date. I feel like rotaries have a bad name for being unreliable but, that is not the case. It really depends on how you treat your car! The RX7 just needs that extra love if you’re willing to give it. It definitely deserves it but not everyone will be able to handle a car such as this one.

The RX7 is currently pulling around 380bhp on 8psi. Going to 16psi, I will expect it to be around the 420-440bhp range. It has not been Dyno’d for those results.


  • Origin Labo Front Bumper + SideSkirts
  • 99spec turn signal lights
  • Rocket bunny Diffuser
  • Carbon Fiber Exhaust Heat Shield
  • Blitz 03 paired with Meisters SP3
  • Roof Spoiler from ShineAuto


  • Bride Gias V1 Seats
  • Buddy Club Harnesses
  • 3x Multi Greddy Gauges
  • 1x Greddy Profec Boost Gauge
  • 3x AEM AFR, Oil, Water Temp Gauges 
  • Yupiteru GPS system 
  • Work Bells Quick Release Paired with Yuki's Garage Heart Wheel
  • Half Bolt-in Roll Cage for the rear
  • Nismo Style Playboy Shift Knob
  • Broadway Mirrors
  • JDM Cup Holders


  • Built Single Turbo 13B
  • Apexi Power FC
  • HKS Ignition Amplifier
  • Greddy Elbow
  • V-Mount Set Up

The engine work has mostly been done by DK from ‘itsGarageLife’.

All the exterior and interior has been done by me! I have to give thanks to Mark, his IG is @gyroe.sugoi, for teaching me how to paint! If it wasn't for him, my Origin Labo kit would have still been white! Other than that, everything else was pretty much simple enough to do. I just didn't want to touch the engine since I didn't know much about it but I am glad I had someone to walk me through the proper ways of building a rotary!

Daniel Kuo, from @itsGarageLife on IG! He was fair on pricing and the time it took was not bad at all-around 2-3 Months! Car came back fine, I had to clean up some stuff still, but it wasn't bad at all. I was hooked on the 13B after it was converted to a big single turbo. Daniel takes his time on his builds, and he definitely proved it with my car. Though there are still some things I want to get done and fixed up nothing major for sure! 

The RX7 was not my first car, in fact, my very first car was a 2012 Honda Civic SI and I had no modifications done to it at all.

I am currently waiting for my M-Sports kit from Mastermind to come down but other than that the car will be 99% done and ready! I pretty much built it the way I wanted to, I would probably change the wheels every once in a while but that is about it!

I am not in any car groups! I do rep some of my friend's brands and of course my own which is HeyHentai!

Do I enter into car competitions? At the current time, this build is purely just for fun. I have not yet entered into any competitions. I do however sometimes attend a car show where I am from which occurs on a weekly basis. The meets themselves aren’t that bad! Sometimes the lots get overfilled and sometimes only 5-10 people will show up! It all depends really. Either way, I really enjoy taking and driving my car out there.

What is my dream car? Well, that’s a good question. If I was to be realistic, the FD is my dream car! If I could have any car, it would definitely be a F40. Those machines are a whole different level!!

Thank you for reading my article and don’t forget to follow me for some more content and to view my merchandise.

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