Nicklas's 2002 Lexus Is200 Sport

lexus is200 fully customised

Nicklas's 2002 Lexus Is200 Sport
Nicklas's 2002 Lexus Is200 Sport
Nicklas's 2002 Lexus Is200 Sport
Nicklas's 2002 Lexus Is200 Sport
Nicklas's 2002 Lexus Is200 Sport
Nicklas's 2002 Lexus Is200 Sport

The work gone into this, true dedication, and a lovely story to, he built this with his Father, his father should be very proud of him, it looks fantastic, every inch of this car as been covered, they havn't missed anything. From a smashed car a Jewel was created!

2 days before i was going to park the car in the garage to Build it, i crashed it and it was going to be Totaled but we safed it from the scrapper and made it better than ever before so my love for this car is strong and i will never give up on it


My name is Nicklas Lissau

The cars name is Jinx I drive a 2002 Lexus Is200 Sport 164hk and 232nm, It started as a Stock Is200 Sport and now we have done alot to it:

It as ST-XTA coilovers 
Full stainless 2,5” exhaust 
TRD neoV1 front bumper with Rainbow foglights 
TRD sideskirts 
TRD rear lip
TRD boot spoiler 
TRD Liecensplate holder
Sports Grill
HIC Roof spoiler 
Tintet LED taillights and rear foglight
Full Custom Lether interior with orange diamond stichting with elektricitet seats
The Dashboard is paintet the OEM color with clearcoat 


The car has just been resprayed in the OEM orange color from the new RCF with Sapphire Black Roof 
Wheels are JR11 18x8,5 all around, ET40 in the front and ET35 in the back,EBC Diamond Cut brake discs with EBC Greenstuff pads

It has a upgraded Sound system with Hertz speaker all around and a Alpine subwoofer. Custom headlights in koks Grey with White Halos and Lexus Logos 
We have blacked out the headliner and made “Roals Roys” star ceiling 


Blitz cooler plate, Hella horns paintet same color ad the car, 2004 facelift steeringwheel with facelift airbag, Carbon controls for the sunroof 
The car wasnt made with a sunroof so we have taken the Roof off and remplaced it with a Roof from a sunroof model and taken the OEM wireing harness to make it work


I built the car with my dad , This was my first car and ill keep it forever, Its is not finished yet, syi;; have more to do
I have plans of superchargeing it later this year and some new wheels and a few extra mods Down the road

Im going to shows and car meets and have won twice so far for interior and all Lexus class , So far ive been to smaller local shows and meets 
But we had plans on going to Reisbrennen and japfest this year but because of CoronaVires we are not going this year

My dreamcar is a Toyota Aristo V300 Vertex Edition and i am planning to import one from Japan 2021


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