Nicola Bibby - Focus RS - That Pink RS

If I could give one bit of advice at the end of this... it’s to live your life to the full. Love and live like it’s your last day! 

Nicola Bibby - Focus RS - That Pink RS
Focus RS - That Pink RS
Nicola Bibby - Focus RS - That Pink RS
Nicola Bibby - Focus RS - That Pink RS
Nicola Bibby - Focus RS - That Pink RS
Nicola Bibby - Focus RS - That Pink RS
Nicola Bibby - Focus RS - That Pink RS
Nicola Bibby - Focus RS - That Pink RS
Nicola Bibby - Focus RS - That Pink RS
Nicola Bibby - Focus RS - That Pink RS
Nicola Bibby - Focus RS - That Pink RS

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Nicola Bibby


That pink RS? yup... that’s the one.

The point, stare, admire, amaze, disgust... a few of the reactions I get.

So... a little bit about that pink RS’s, pink-haired owner... My name is Nicola Bibby, but you guys can call me Nic, I own my own bath bomb company called Bubble & Blow. My story is like many, years and years of wanting but never being able to quite achieve my goal until now

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I’ve always adored the road presence of the Focus RS MK2, no other car has a presence like it. The head-turning capability of these beasts is off the chart, matched with the sound of that sweet 5 pot and it’s anyone’s dream car. That was when I knew that I would own this car one day.

It wasn’t plain sailing to achieve my goal, for years and years I've struggled to get by, living off the bare minimum, sometimes even wondering where my next meal would come from. But I had a dream back in 2018, that dream was to start my own company making bath bombs, yup... those little balls that fizz. Months and months of hard graft, sleepless nights, 12-hour days, 3 am bedtimes. 

I worked damn hard to achieve that dream and after years of only ever surviving it was my time to live and this was my reward, my pat on the back and the moment in my life where I could finally say, ‘I’m proud of myself’ If you guys take one thing from my story it’s this, ‘dream big, work hard and you can achieve the world’ no matter how hard times get, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Now enough of the back story.... you guys are here for the car but that Pink RS hasn’t always been that pink RS. My cars have had quite a transformation since purchasing them just under a year ago.

July 2019... the year I would officially become an MK2 RS owner. Not only that but the first time I’ve ever owned a Modified car. And that car didn’t disappoint, I couldn’t even imagine how this car would make me feel. The sheer power, the fighting to keep it in a straight line, the pops, the bangs, it’s the most fun car I’ve ever driven! 

As you can see, it’s quite different compared to how it is now. 

It was, back then stage 4+ pushing 400bhp. I remember saying to myself, wow! This is the dream! I won’t ever want to do or change anything to it. As you can imagine, this was short-lived lol

My modification list soon grew and grew. 

First, it started off with changing the Software that was installed already to KMS’s stage 3 software, one of, I must say the best modifications I could have done. As soon as I changed to the KMS software it was as though I was driving a completely different car, it responded better, handled better and changed the whole driving experience for the better. The power was instant and more refined. Moving away from the software that was installed was one of the best moves I made, I couldn't recommend KMS motorsports more! You NEED their software

I made another trip quickly back to KMS Motorsports to change the Milltek exhaust that I purchased him with for their KMS thunderstorm exhaust with 5.5-inch tips! As you can see... they’re pretty big.

Now, these exhausts are something special, I don’t know what they do when they’re making them (magic dust I’m sure) but they make that 5 pot growl, you’ve not driven a MK2 RS to its full capability until you’ve driven it with a Thunderstorm exhaust let me tell you!

Another recommendation to those guys! 

After that... my list continued to grow

A quick run down...

  • KMS thunderstorm Exhaust 
  • KMS STAGE 3 Software
  • Upgraded supporting mods for software (650cc Injectors, Group A Air Filter, Airtec Crossover Pipe, all hoses upgraded to Samco) 
  • Pro Alloy Intercooler
  • KMS roof scoop 
  • KW V1 Coilovers
  • WRC vents 
  • Kuro Carbon steering wheel, fog light covers & wing mirrors 
  • Alloy coolant tank 
  • Upgraded Helix Organic Clutch Kit 
  • Anembo Plenum

But... the mod which made this car what it is today was as you’ve probably guessed, the wrap. That shows the show-stopping colour, Satin Chrome Rose Gold. 

I had this wrap booked in for months and months before it finally happened, I was so excited, I felt like a 3-year-old at Christmas. The wrap was completed by Wrap That Car in Manchester. Honestly, this guy is a magician. A total perfectionist. He absolutely nailed it and I can’t recommend him enough. This wrap was far from smooth sailing too. Adam at Wrap that Car worked all hours god sent to get this sorted for me. The car was already wrapped and this wrap had been on for 7 years so as you can imagine, it wasn’t the easiest to get off but Adam pulled it out of the bag!

I mean just look...


This is the state of what he had to deal with. And the stages of the wrap. ‘‘This was prior to the WRC vents also, which again I think makes it look so mean.

The end result.... a completely unique and show-stopping RS. This really did make this car, I’ve always been one to be different and now it was finally mine. Yes... the RS was nice back when I purchased it but that could have been anyone’s car. 

Now... this car is mine. There’s no mistaking the owner anymore. 

That crazy-haired gal now has a crazy pink RS to match 

Now it’s not to everyone’s taste I get that but if someone doesn’t hate your car... you’ve not modified it right. Your car is whatever you want it to be. Something to put your stamp on and to make your own. If you love it? You’ve done it right! Dare to be different! 

Now, as much as I love the RS, people ask me to do I recommend them? Now for those interested in purchasing one as a daily... just DON'T! It's far too uncomfortable for a daily and just not practical, it’s definitely a weekend toy. Something you can go for a blast in and remember that you’re alive! Want to torque steer into a bush and have some fun? Buy a MK2 RS 

Is there more to come for the RS?  yes... yes there is, lots more to come but... you’ll have to follow me to find out @r555nlb on Instagram. There are some BIG changes still to come. Some I think will shock you so watch this space...

Will I ever sell the RS? Honestly... no, I won’t ever sell the RS, it was such a pinnacle moment in my life, that I never want to get rid of it. That doesn’t mean my car garage won’t grow. My next car goal and an itch I just have to scratch is definitely an R34 GTR followed closely by a Silvia S15.

You’re probably wondering if I’ve always been into cars and the answer is yes... I grew up loving anything cars, from being a kid playing with car mats to car games to constantly watching World Rally with my Dad, however, I haven’t been a car scene girl all my life, I had bits and bobs when I was younger but I never had the money to be able to build my dream. Don’t get me wrong I’ve always loved cars, but it wasn’t until I launched my bath bomb company that I was finally able to achieve my dream of owning that car I drooled over growing up. A MK2 RS. The moment I picked that car up my dreams came true. This car represents hard work, determination and never giving up! I worked so hard to achieve this which makes my RS more than just a car.

Now, I couldn’t imagine a life, not in the car scene! Yes you get your know-it-alls, and yes you get your jealous idiots but everyone I’ve met in the car scene so far has been nothing but welcoming and loving! It’s true when they say we’re one big family. I’m part of quite a few car groups currently, and love nothing more than hearing my alarm go off at 4 am on a Saturday or Sunday and jumping out of bed knowing it’s Show day!! This year was going to be a big car show year for me as it was the year I completely changed everything. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen but I’m hoping to make it to TRAX and Ford Fair this year... fingers are crossed.

If not, 2021.... brace yourself... I’m coming for you...

If I could give one bit of advice at the end of this... it’s to live your life to the full. Love and live like it’s your last day! 

Special shoutouts to
@waxandaway - the best detailer around 
@acalloys - The Alloy God
@customplatesltd - the best custom plates - discount code NLB15 15% off

Thanks for reading! And watch this space!

Love Nic 

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