Jake - 2002 Lexus is200 SXE10 Turbo

The perfect (almost) car came up. An is200 bone stock, 30 miles from me, delivery available, in silver Ew but MINT! I rang the guy and within two hours she had landed. My new project!

Jake - 2002 Lexus is200 SXE10 Turbo
Jake - 2002 Lexus is200 SXE10 Turbo
Jake - 2002 Lexus is200 SXE10 Turbo
Jake - 2002 Lexus is200 SXE10 Turbo
Jake - 2002 Lexus is200 SXE10 Turbo
Jake - 2002 Lexus is200 SXE10 Turbo

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Hi all, 
My name is Jake,
Lincolnshire's best tie wrap technician or best tech screw user, whatever floats your boat. Aged 19 and work in traffic management and This is my 2002 Lexus is200 SXE10 Turbo.
Growing up I always begged my parents to take me to the cinema to watch the newest Fast and furious, you could say that's where my love for cars came from. From seeing Brian O'Connor's skyline to Doms rx7 I knew I was all about Japanese cars and the culture behind them. That was until, Tokyo drift hit, I fell in love with all the cars. Me and my best mate Dylan still cruise about with all the songs in boosting my way down broadway!
I came of age to drive and passed my test within 2 weeks could not wait to hit the road, I was doing 2/3 lessons a day and passed theory and practical first time. One minor for 30 in a 40 it's a shame when me and my friends travel to Mexico I'm never under the speed limit! My passion for cars was never helped by my stepdad, he owned a silver wrx Sti blob and went on to a wrx Sti hatchback. Although he never modified them I loved the feel of the boost. Sunday's were my favourite when we would go shopping and get the car cleaned then take it to "dry off" up motlash. I'll never forget!

I started out at the bottom, this is my 7th car and I'm only 19, if you saw me you would understand how tough my paper round was. I started with a mk2 leon from my cousin, mint car bought it when I was 16 and started tinkering with it. Passed my test 3 weeks later the camshaft decided it no longer wanted to play ball. Fixed and sold, moved on to a Hyundai coupe, don't ask. Amazing car. Next was my Mitsubishi Lancer 2008, the beggining of Jap! Although it was a 2.0tdi I did my best to make it look as much of an evo x as I could. Had that a little while nothing but problems. On to the feel for power! Hate Vauxhalls they all smell the same and obviously, I didn't want to be renowned for picking girls up from McDonald's but I was certain to do it in a fast manor, my Corsa vxr! What a car, well, I blew the motor in 3 days.

After the aweful smell it was time for jap, I had a na 2.0 blob. Obviously I had to make it look like my stepdads Sti that he had at the time and I took it to kirton off road center and well. Had the best time ever. Push comes to shove and I was working my arse off at work, along game the opportunity to buy my dream car. My mercedes c220 (should of been the 6.3 but come on, who can insure that at 18) had the car loved it but it just felt something was missing. My brother had a rx8 for sale and I thought let's give it a go, had both and decided to sell the Mercedes to my best mate as he loved it and needed a car. So now being left to my own devices in this 2.6 fire breathing rotary rear wheel drive I blew the motor. Not a very good pattern forming here. Work was building up a lot I was busy all the time so didn't really need a car so I was just saving up really, until one night me and my brother started talking about the is200. Which leads me on to where we are today!

So, picture the scene, I'm driving back from newcastle, Borris Johnson has just declared the country on lockdown and there's me crusing down the A1 in my works van not a car in sight. The following morning I start browsing for a project as I knew lockdown was happening people were being furloughed etc etc so I wanted something to do just in case. The perfect (almost) car came up, an is200 bone stock, 30 miles from me, delivery available, in silver Ew but MINT! I rang the guy and within two hours she had landed. My new project!
So with all that was going off I had the car parked on a neighbours drive, was never going to been seen dead in that old grandad looking is200. Didn't drive it for about a month until the inevitable happened. Family member who I live with that works for the NHS was tested positive for covid-19. At the time I was living my best life down in London on a easy night job (if you work in TM you know exactly what was happening every night) until one evening I got a phone call from abbie, "Hi Jake I've been tested positive for Covid-19, unfortunately you was around me when I had my symptoms you need to let your employer know" WOUNDED! within half an hour I was on my way home and that's when project is200 began! (Were all fine now and back working)
So, I had a vision in my head mainly funded by FnF, I wanted it to be widebody, I wanted to do all the interior long story short I didn't want a piece of that car untouched and I wanted to do all the work myself! 95% of the car I have done (or passed tools for).
So I began stripping the interior lights bumpers everything ready for new bits. R.I.P bank account.

Spec list as follows:
  • Custom headlights
  • Custom rear lights
  • R34 indicators
  • Underglow
  • Z tune style bonnet
  • Vertex v2 front bumper
  • Vertex v2 side skirts
  • Rocket bunny front over fenders 
  • Ascura garage custom 65mm rear fenders
  • Big Gay wing
  • XXR 527s
  • 35Mm spacers all round, please someone sell me some wider wheels 
  • GReddy Steering Wheel
  • GReddy quick release
  • HKS cluster over lay
  • Omp Bucket Sears
  • TRD Short shifter
  • Reupholstered dash and door cards in suede by yours truly
  • Turbo smart boost gauge
  • AEM Afr
  • Pumpkin double din (mint can't watch FnF down the motorway)
  • Turbo kit with all the stututu making goodies
  • Halfords colour match paint, boyos, 1000002 shades wrong.
  • The car is currently on its 4th day or being boosted and I'm only running around 6psi at 230bhp. ( know that from gapping an fn2 type r in Mexico, nice try)

Without friends I couldn't have got the car to where it is today. I mention to our group everyday the amount of hospitality around this car. Such as me and Luke (project monstrosity) fitting a widebody kit in the pooring ran. Danny and ash trusting me to use a grinder for the first time on my wings, what a laugh. Or the time Tahir, Owen and a couple others were round whilst we was turboing the car on the drive, I felt a spot of rain and within 2 minutes a full 20 piece gazebo was up. The cars done nothing since owning it other that create laughs, smiles and again, a load of hospitality. It's made me more car related memories in the last 3. Months then all my cars have in the last 3 years. I can honestly say Myself and friends have built this car in 4. Months to where it is today, but! The party isn't over yet. The car is currently booked in for a full respray (different colour it's a secret) and tints.. Aswell as I have some red Sparco seats on the way. After that it's going to be a full carbon lip kit, seibon carbon bonnet, japspeed wing and a couple of other bits and pieces. We're nearly there!  My end of 2021 goal as some know is a completely built 1J motor running 500whp with nos. That's Telmo and Rafs fault the 1J twin Portuguese brothers! 

Last bit I promise, the car reps for Hard Knox check them out in the insta. My dream car(s) are a w204 black series, and a serious 1000whp GTR.
I want to say a huge Thankyou if you got this far reading! If you have any questions feel free to follow and message my Instagram: Jakepooleschoolofbodge.
I would also like to say a huge huge huge thankyou to the following:
Luke Flear
Owen leaning 
Tahir magul
Daniel Drayton
Ashley Jordan.
Brian Campbell (86 aero best Bodykits in the game)
Stuart Walsh (great quality is200 turbo kits)
Marc soars (many turbo related questions) 
And finally, the most important Nana Poole! For putting up with my mess and tools everywhere for the last 4 months. The worst is yet to come.
Thank you for reading my article. 

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