Matthew (Matt) Temprell - Audi A4 B9 Avant

What makes mine special is just the amount of extra it has fitted as standard along with the 3L engine makes it a rare example and special to me

Matthew (Matt) Temprell - Audi A4 B9 Avant
Matthew (Matt) Temprell - Audi A4 B9 Avant
Matthew (Matt) Temprell - Audi A4 B9 Avant
Matthew (Matt) Temprell - Audi A4 B9 Avant
Matthew (Matt) Temprell - Audi A4 B9 Avant
Matthew (Matt) Temprell - Audi A4 B9 Avant
Matthew (Matt) Temprell - Audi A4 B9 Avant
Matthew (Matt) Temprell - Audi A4 B9 Avant

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 Hi my name is Matthew (Matt) Temprell, 

Audi A4 B9 Avant S-line 3l TDI Quattro

29 years old living in Derbyshire. I currently work within an Aerosol can production factory as an Engineer so my job is to help run and repair the machines on a daily basis. I also joined a car group on Facebook along with a few friends I’ve made through the scene, look out for us on FaceBook and Instagram @VAG Estate Owners Group

Through this group and interest I've grown my knowledge in photography and started my own photography venture because of it. Find me at Instagram @mjphotog90 and Facebook @Mj Photography 

 Enough of the boring stuff let’s talk about car stuff. Well the car scene and why I got into it, the main interest I’d say come from a young age and having that basic love for cars that has developed over the years, my dad use to own a Ford Escort RS2000 mrk2 that he loved and as a kid he took me to Ford shows at Donnington, I used to love that Dunlop bridge had so much character to it and for a kid was just so exciting to walk across while the cars flew under you. From this experience as a child I suppose my love has just grown and grown over the years, with mainstream TV shows helping build my knowledge in cars and reading books, I had one book I loved as a child that had 100 years of performance cars and the F40 really caught my eye and this has always been a dream car of mine, I think I read the pages so many times they were worn out and falling out of the book. I developed a particular love for the Audi brand through my dad too he had a B5 A4 that as a kid I fell in love with, I remember watching the B5 touring car on TV and would be like my dad has that car, even though my dad’s car was nothing like a touring A4 but what does a 10 year old kid know.   

 I love all cars. They all have a different character and behaviour to them, which is one thing I like about the car scene. It's all different and you meet so many people that like the same stuff as you, but in the same way different tastes to you. It is such a friendly environment and I've made good friends for life from it. For example my good friend Chris Glossop I met him through an Audi group and he approached me for help on his car and I gladly helped. Since then my friendship with Chris has just grown and grown to the point we set up our group along with 3 others. 

On to my car and why I own it. Well my car is to me a hidden beast, it is an Audi A4 B9 Avant S-line 3l TDI Quattro, that’s quite a lot to say too fast. Currently standard power at 272BHP and 600nm or torque, a nice amount of power for a modern car. What makes mine special is just the amount of extra it has fitted as standard along with the 3L engine makes it a rare example and special to me too as it’s a car I love and something I’ve aimed for since getting in an Audi 4 years ago (final aim is to work up to an Audi RS of some description). 

I mentioned my car is loaded full of extras that make my car great to own and drive these extras are: 

  • Virtual Cockpit, 
  • matrix LED headlights, 
  • electric adjusting front seats with memory function, 
  • rear reversing camera, 
  • Bang and Olufsen sound system, 
  • flat bottom steering wheel, 
  • privacy glass, 
  • heated front and outer rear seats, 
  • full Nappa leather interior, 
  • panoramic sunroof, 
  • mmi touch system, 
  • wireless charging pad in centre armrest, 
  • extended interior lights kit, 

and finally one of my favourite extras this car has is the ‘5 v spoke design’ alloy wheels. 

A great list of kit I enjoy on a daily basis and make driving this car a fun experience, only extra it is missing i’d like is adaptive suspension. 

Mod wise I haven’t really touched much yet, just a few things to finish it off for me like engine bay trim to hide away bit in the bay other than that none really, but I do plan to get more power out of her soon with a remap on the engine and gearbox, get her performing much better. Not that it’s slow, already 0-60 book time of 5.4s, I’ve had bang on time using timing gear of 5s. 

Other mods in my plans are to remove the back box and get her shouting much more as standard Audi really dull down that gorgeous V6 tune. Other than that it will mainly be small subtle mods as I am more about the OEM look of cars so won’t be slamming it on the deck or mad body kits. Prior to this car I have owned many VW group cars, first car was a Seat Ibiza mrk2 FL 1.4 cool S which was great fun and this was modified, had A BIG exhaust back box on it which made it shout like thunder, it was like a Scooby to me but what can I say I’m a 90s kid and NFS UG2 was the in game growing up. 

My favourite past car has to be my Skoda Octavia Mrk2 FL VRS, had it in Race Blue with the TDI engine, was a fun car to own and drive not big on power but I loved it. Sadly the Skoda suffered the fate of CAT B write off after it was hit by another driver. To replace the Skoda I moved on to an Audi A4 B8 S-line Black Edition Avant with the 2l TDI 177 BHP engine, this was foot in the door of the Audi world. 

 Anyway back to my current car, I love taking her through the beautiful roads the Peak District has to offer, the twisting roads she pulls out the corners like a bullet out a gun and on the straights has plenty of grunt to pull. It is a fun car to drive with the Quattro system pushing a 60/40 rear bias and that V6 up front, it's only issue is as times because of that big lump up front you get a tad under steer but this is a well-known Audi trait, but I can live with this on a daily basis. It’s great with its Avant rear for storing my best friend, he is a 4 year old German Shepherd Dog, which is the main reason for getting an estate car. While I’m out in the Peaks I love to venture round and find photo ops for my car and go out on regular shoots with Chris. 

Finding photo ops is what fuelled my passion for car photography and thus has persuaded me to start my own photography venture. I enjoy that thrill of finding new spots, arranging the cars for a great angle and experimenting with new techniques and then getting home and sorting through the images to edit and make an awesome photo out of them. All photos attached to the write-up are my own work. For anyone interested look me up on Instagram and FaceBook ‘Mj Photography’. Also look out for ‘VAG Estate Owner Group‘ on FaceBook a group I co run as mentioned up top, we are a great group for anyone with an interest or ownership or any VW Auto Group Estate cars, got a good bunch of members who get involved on posts and some strong knowledge in our sponsors and members. 

To finish off a big thank you to STANCE AUTO for the feature it is much appreciated and has been fun writing this outline about me and my car, also thank you to the reader for reading my write-up.  

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