Warren Luff - MK4 Toyota Supra SZ

All my life I have been an adrenaline junky looking to push the limits.

Warren Luff - MK4 Toyota Supra SZ
Warren Luff - MK4 Toyota Supra SZ
Warren Luff - MK4 Toyota Supra SZ
Warren Luff - MK4 Toyota Supra SZ
Warren Luff - MK4 Toyota Supra SZ
Warren Luff - MK4 Toyota Supra SZ

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My name is Warren Luff, 

MK4 Toyota Supra SZ


I’m a 20-year-old Aeronautical Engineer from North Wales. 

I first got into cars because of my father, he was a mechanic all his life and has worked on many iconic cars from the Escort, first-gen Minis all the way over to the early Rx7s and everything in-between. I have been working on cars since I can remember and at 17, I decided to get my first car an mk3 Renault Clio. This made a good first car but was lacking in the power massively. 

All my life I have been an adrenaline junky looking to push the limits. I then got myself a Yamaha r125 seeking speed. Due to my young age, the bike also lacked in power, so I went back to my love of cars, this is when I bought my MK4 Toyota Supra SZ with a 2jz-ge engine at the age of 19. 

This car is the dream of many people and was certainly one of mine and when the opportunity came in my life where I could waste all my money on a car, I took it to get my dream started. The car had a suspension problem and rocker cover leak but nothing I couldn’t fix. 

The previous owner had done the car up to look like the early GT40 with the baby blue paint, deep chrome rims and a super wide body kit. This was not to my liking, but I could see the potential in her, so I drove the car all the way back from Hull and started work on her. I fixed all the problems with the car by fitting all new gaskets throughout the engine all the way down to the head gasket. I also added Tein suspension in all 4 corners. 

The car has come a long way since then and has a long way to go. The car is very unique due to how wide it is and sitting on massive 335 wide rear tyres she stands out from the crowd. If that wasn’t enough the bright green paint and massive carbon wing should catch the eye of spectators at local meets of the groups I’m part of. 

Spec list

  • A Veilside body kit, with 3” rear wide arches and 1” wider fibreglass front arches.
  • Jap speed full carbon boot spoiler. 
  • Veilside sunstrip 
  • A full respray in Kawasaki green form C.A.Refinishing 
  • SSR 3 decolt evolution 3 pieces split rims. Sitting on 335/30/18 p zeros outback and 295/35/18 Michelin pilots out front 
  • LS 400 4 pot floating callipers in green 
  • EBC steel braided lines all round
  • Tein suspension 
  • Cobra bucket seats 
  • Sparaco 6 point harness 
  • Sparaco 4 point harness 
  • OMP deep dish wheel 
  • Sparaco quick release 
  • Completely stripped out from rear seats back and painted black 
  • centre strengthening harness bar 
  • black carpets and roofing 
  • 2jz-ge engine 
  • 5 speed W58 gearbox 
  • Carbon intake 
  • Blue aftermarket coolant hose
  • Electric blue rocker covers  
  • Battery relocation to boot 
  • Clear cam covers 
  • Full engine rebuild to stock specs. 

Some of the groups I'm in are Extreme BHP, Street Dreams, Modified north wales and Supra Owners UK.

I hope one day to finally have the car looking and performing much better than a stock supra ever could. 

The car is being built to handle all situations from drifting to racing yet still be drivable on the street as my supra is my daily car and I drive everywhere in it. The next thing coming up is a big single turbo build and hopefully pushing the 600BHP benchmark I have set so far. This build will be on my Instagram WOZ1999 as the car develops in its life. 

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