Anas Uddin 2003 Lexus IS300

There are so many IS300 builds out there so why choose this car? That’s easy. Back then it was a dark horse. It was a solid chassis with endless possibilities. Anas would watch youtube videos of other IS300's decimating other cars. 

Anas Uddin  2003 Lexus IS300
2003 Lexus IS300
Anas Uddin  2003 Lexus IS300
Anas Uddin  2003 Lexus IS300
Anas Uddin  2003 Lexus IS300
Anas Uddin  2003 Lexus IS300
Anas Uddin  2003 Lexus IS300
Anas Uddin  2003 Lexus IS300
Anas Uddin  2003 Lexus IS300
Anas Uddin  2003 Lexus IS300
Anas Uddin  2003 Lexus IS300
Anas Uddin  2003 Lexus IS300
Anas Uddin  2003 Lexus IS300
Anas Uddin  2003 Lexus IS300
Anas Uddin  2003 Lexus IS300
Anas Uddin  2003 Lexus IS300
Anas Uddin  2003 Lexus IS300

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Anas Uddin
2003 Lexus IS300
Instagram: @STLKID07

Photographer: @r0cean11


Anas is 32 years old from St Louis Missouri and is currently serving in the United States Navy as a Gas Turbine Systems Technician. 

Anas’s passion for cars came about when his best friend Steven King (not the author lol) got him into them. Steven had a modified Acura Integra Sedan which after seeing motivated Anas to get his first Lexus IS300, it was a 2004 5 speed with just 38,000 miles. Both of them used to drive around looking for spots to take photos and just enjoy everything associated with cars. 

So, with his friend being an influence for cars along came the Need For Speed video games. This game had a huge following when it came out and still does. The games showed Anas about the endless possibilities of what could be done to cars and how to make them your own. He ended up getting rid of his first IS300 once he joined the Navy.  Over the course of the next two years, he would go home on vacation from time to time and see car parts in his basement waiting to be used. It finally got to the point he purchased another IS300. 

Fast forward a couple more years into the future, while still serving in the Navy, he is now living in San Diego California. He was browsing through craigslist and found a 2003 IS300 completely slammed to the ground with dents all over. He immediately fell in love because it was a black on black 5speed with 105,000 miles, and a clean title. Anas had a vision of what he wanted to do. Everything was set. The first thing he did was get his dad to send him his Apexi n1 exhaust that was on his first IS300 so he could start this new build. The rest is history.  

Anas has met so many people, built friendships, received bruises, lost blood, and put everything into this car. Every piece of the car has been messed with at one point or another. The car has won multiple shows and has received many compliments over the years. Anas has learned so much about not only cars but himself and it has shaped him into the person he is today.

There are so many IS300 builds out there so why choose this car? That’s easy. Back then it was a dark horse. It was a solid chassis with endless possibilities. Anas would watch youtube videos of other IS300's decimating other cars.  These motors have so much potential and if you didn’t want to upgrade you could always swap for a bigger motor. Boosting it for days. All that and it had 4 doors.

Anas has only ever owned three cars. His 2004 was really clean. He only had the Apexi n1 exhaust and small minor cosmetics. His current 2003 IS300 has a ton of mods! And while he has his show car he drives a 2017 Toyota Tacoma as a daily driver.

This build gives him a sense of accomplishment every time he gets behind the wheel. Just knowing that this build was his idea. He loves to think that he made this happen and now he gets rewarded when random people give him a thumbs up on the highway or the street. Every time he walks up to it parked on the street or a show it still blows his mind “This is my car” “I did this”. People always ask him questions about itI always hear, “it’s really clean”, “the mods you have on this are perfect”, “if I were to build an IS300 this is how I would do it!”. Unlike other people he built this car for himself, not for judges, not for clout, but to enjoy it. It’s an extension of himself as a person.

Word of advice from Anas for you builders out there. Always do it right the first time!!!. Don’t take any shortcuts, it will save you endless headaches and your bank account will thank you! Don’t try to please anyone, people will always talk bad about your build. Build your car for you and only you. If people like it then that’s a reward in itself. Having this car has opened his friend list up tremendously. He now has so many connections from the United States to Japan to Canada, to the Dominican Republic, and Jamaica!

Ok, I am sure we have all seen tons of Lexus IS builds rolling around the street but what makes Anas’ build most unique are the rare parts he has included with this build. Whether it be one-off parts or imported parts. This build isn’t your normal IS.

Exterior -

  • Altezza Headlights W/Blue Tint
  • TRD NEO V1 W/Fog Lights
  • Elixir II Carbon Fiber Hood
  • Seibon Carbon Trunk
  • Ventus Splitter
  • Custom Front Oem Style Fenders
  • Vertex Side Skirts W/Carbon Fiber Supra Vent
  • Authentic Altezza Grille
  • Chargespeed Rear Bumper W/O Diffuser
  • Custom Smoked LED Tail Lights
  • 5d Carbon Vinyl Roof Wrap
  • TRD Stubby Antenna
  • Carbon Fiber Rear Window Spoiler
  • Carbon Fiber Gas Lid
  • TRD Gas Cap
  • Altezza Window Visors
  • Trd Trunk Lip Spoiler
  • Figs Engineering CDD

Interior -

  • Mishimoto Carbon Fiber Shift Knob
  • Passport/Escort Radar Detector
  • Custom LED Door Sills
  • Footwell LED Lights
  • 2x Sparco Fighter Seats
  • 2x Sparco Competition 4" Harnesses
  • Braum Harness Bar
  • Custom Carbon Fiber OEM Tailored Steering Wheel
  • Custom Stitched Interior Panels
  • Hydro Dipped Panels
  • Black Suede Headliner and A, B And C Pillars
  • Black Suede Dash
  • Black Suede Center Console
  • DragINT Checkerboard Floormats

Audio -

  • Kenwood DNX892 Head Unit
  • Infinity Kappa Speakers All-Around
  • Hifonics 1616 Brutus 4 Channel A/B Amp
  • JL Audio W6's 12'' Subwoofers
  • Hifonics 3016.1D Brutus Monoblock Amp
  • One-Off Custom Trunk Enclosure
  • All New KnuKonceptz Audio Wiring

Suspension -

  • Fortune Auto 500 Series Coil Overs W/Swift Springs
  • Figs Engineering Caster Arms
  • Figs Engineering Lateral Arms
  • Figs Engineering Upper Control Arms
  • Figs Engineering Toe Links
  • Figs Engineering Rear Trac Links
  • Figs Engineering Mega Rear Control Arms
  • Figs Engineering Polyurethane Bushings
  • Figs Engineering Spherical Bearings
  • Figs Engineering Rear Subframe Mega Brace
  • Mevotech Inner Tie Rods
  • Mevotech Outer Tie Rods
  • Mevotech Lower Ball Joints

Wheels -

  • SSR SP3's (Bronze Chrome)

            - Front: 18x10 +24 --- 225/40/18

            - Rear: 18x10 -9 --- 225/45/18

  • Project Kics Leggdura Racing 2 Piece Lug Nuts

Brakes -

  • Cross/Slotted Drilled Rotors W/Brake Pads
  • Hand Painted Rotors With Lexus Decals

Engine -

  • K&N Short Ram Intake
  • Figs Engineering Carbon Hood Props
  • Custom Apexi N1 Exhaust
  • TRD Radiator Cap
  • Mishimoto Radiator and Carbon Fiber Cooling Plate
  • Oil: Amsoil Synthetic
  • 2x Odyssey Batteries W/Enclosure

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Anas has had some help along the way with this build. Initial bodywork was done by a friend and then SOS Customs, over time the quality of work went down the drain and ended up getting better work done at Jaymer Primer Autobody (@jaymer_primer_auto_body_, along with AP Upholstery (@ap__upholstery) and Hydro Dipping Concepts (@Hydrodipconcepts). Most of the parts on his build were sourced by Dat at Speed Alliance (@speedalliance), without him half of this build wouldn’t be possible. Everything else was friends helping out.

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So what’s next for this car? 

The only thing left is the engine swap. Anas knows what he is going to do and it’ll be sure to ruffle some feathers, especially the purists, but he doesn’t care because it’s HIS CAR. Once the engine is done he is going to paint the engine bay, do a full wire tuck, and rebuild the motor. Anas says “The car will always be for sale for the right price LOL!”

We have been a part of car groups or clubs at least once or twice in the scene. For Anas, his first team was Team Hybrid (@TeamHybrid_95). He learned a lot from them and built some lasting friendships. The last team he was a part of was Team Impact (@TeamImpact_17).

Overall the car scene has really increased his knowledge of cars, as well as gained a lot of friends and family.

Anas’ dream car would have to be the Audi R8, Lamborghini LP670, and recently the Lamborghini Huracan has entered that list.

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