Kasey - 2016 F80 M3

I was born and raised around cars as a child. You could say I was sort of forced into it but always loved and had a passion for cars since a very young age. I guess you grow with the bug!

Kasey - 2016 F80 M3
Kasey - 2016 F80 M3
Kasey - 2016 F80 M3
Kasey - 2016 F80 M3
Kasey - 2016 F80 M3
Kasey - 2016 F80 M3
Kasey - 2016 F80 M3
Kasey - 2016 F80 M3
Kasey - 2016 F80 M3

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Hello all,

My name is Kasey and I am from the U.S.

What do I do for living? I am currently in the US military, having served so far 14.5 years.  

Instagram: @alpine_beastm3

My car is a 2016 F80 M3. I chose this car after living in Germany for four years. During that time I became an avid fan of BMW platforms. After owning both and E46 M3 and an ESS Supercharged E90 M3 as well as a couple of 335’s. I decided to start an F8X build. 

What got me into the car scene? I was born and raised around cars as a child. You could say I was sort of forced into it but always loved and had a passion for cars since a very young age. I guess you grow with the bug!

I did indeed grow up with a family of petrol heads. My grandfather was always into old muscle cars and my father had everything from modified modern cars to lifted 4x4 pickups. Awesome right?

Personally I think my car is unique and stands out from the crowd due to the few details not seen on other cars. Starting from the Krasstechnik GTS hood. About 10 hours was spent sanding the top of the hood to expose the special GTS carbon weave. A risky but rewarding move! I like the fact that I have stuck with a more track/functional look as opposed to traditional F8X platforms which more often have 20” wheels and display “fitment” looks rather than the functional look.  

Upgrading the car for me has been pretty seamless. I have been fortunate enough to go through my upgrades without too many challenges. Everything was installed by me aside from the Pure Turbos and Vargas Crank Hub upgrade. 

Is my car an import? Well, technically yes. My car is an import to the U.S. market as it was produced in Germany.

I would absolutely recommend others investing in this platform. It is not only fun and mostly easy to work on but, also reliable and endlessly entertaining to drive. 

My current car stats are at 670rwhp on an E50 mix with Pure Stage 2+ turbos. 

As of right now here is my current mod list. It’s taken a full 4 years to get this far:


  • Studio RSR Cage painted Pearl white
  • M Performance Carbon Shifter  
  • M Performance Carbon Ebrake 
  • M Performance Arm Rest with Carbon


  • Krasstechnik Carbon GTS Hood/Bonnet 
  • Bayoptiks Custom Headlights 
  • M Performance Carbon Mirrors 
  • PSM Carbon Diffuser 
  • PSM Carbon Lip 
  • Carbon Side Skirts 
  • IND Gloss Black Grills 
  • Carbon Fibre Side badges 


  • Pure Stage 2+ Turbos
  • Vargas Crank Hub Upgrade 
  • Mode Concepts Front Mount Intakes
  • Mode Concepts charge pipes  
  • Tuned by Cary Jordan on Bootmod3 
  • VRSF downpipes
  • GTHaus GT2 Rear Exhaust Section 
  • Active Autowerk Midpipe 
  • CSF Heat Exchanger 
  • Mishimoto Oil Cooler 
  • Mossleman Oil thermostat  


  • KW Has Kit 
  • MRG titanium studs 
  • Apex RaceParts Wheels 
  • Mickey Thompson Drag Radials 

I have actually performed all of the modifications myself with the exception of installing the Pure turbos and Vargas Crank Hub upgrade. 

The only work performed by a shop was the turbos and crank hub. I got a great deal on everything through Studio RSR in Anaheim California. 

The 2016 F80 M3 was not my first car, in fact, the first I ever owned was a 1991 Mazda Mx6 Turbo. I only did a little modifying to it as my budget back then was much smaller but, it did have some nice wheels and a custom made exhaust on it. That’s when my passion for cars first started to get out of control. Lol

Are our builds ever finished? Right now my intent for the near future is making some changes to the fuelling system in plans of hitting the 750whp mark. Long term I’d have to have some Recaro Sportster sears in Sakhir orange to match the interior. 

I’m not in an official car club but I have got a great group of car friends that I hang out with and we have kind of come up with the name ‘Tri Cities Finest’ and that has seemed to stick really well. Instagram for that is @tri_cities_finest

I do like to participate in car shows when I can. I have been lucky enough to take home Best Euro on two separate occasions which was very cool!

In terms of car meets, I tend to turn up to a meet almost on a weekly basis. If we aren’t doing that then we are at least getting together at a friend’s house for some food and fun! Which always ends up being a car meet anyways…

My dream car? Good question! If I was to own a high end car, I would love to own a Porsche GT3 RS or GT2. The sound of them in my opinion is just intoxicating. 

The last thing I would include is being thankful for my wife’s everlasting support and dedication. Not only does she support me spending money and enjoying my hobby but, she attends almost every event and car show with me without a complaint. 

I would also like to thank everyone in my small crew but especially my best friend Julio for always helping me turn wrenches and get dirty when it’s time for installs! 

Thank you for reading my article.


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