2012 Subaru STi  - Matt Brumage

Then I went through 2 more wrx's after that. Making each one faster than the last with more modifications and getting more knowledgeable about the platform. Until finally one day, I was finically secure enough to get my dream Subaru. My 2012 STi limited sedan in world rally blue. I never looked back. 

2012 Subaru STi  - Matt Brumage
2012 Subaru STi
2012 Subaru STi  - Matt Brumage
2012 Subaru STi  - Matt Brumage
2012 Subaru STi  - Matt Brumage
2012 Subaru STi  - Matt Brumage
2012 Subaru STi  - Matt Brumage
2012 Subaru STi  - Matt Brumage
2012 Subaru STi  - Matt Brumage
2012 Subaru STi  - Matt Brumage
2012 Subaru STi  - Matt Brumage
2012 Subaru STi  - Matt Brumage
2012 Subaru STi  - Matt Brumage
2012 Subaru STi  - Matt Brumage

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2012 Subaru STi 

Matt Brumage

Instagram : @gr_sti_mb

Photographer: @that_boobaru

I’m from the mountains of Western Maryland and work for the Federal Government. My hobbies include anything to do with my car, car shows and meets, working on my and my friend's cars, and spending time with family/friends. 

From a young age, I remember loving anything with wheels and a motor. I grew up in a small mountain town where every year for Memorial Day and Labor Day there was what everyone called the “Super Cruise”.  Ordinarily, anywhere from 200-400 cars would come out ranging from 1960 to1990’s muscle cars, motorcycles, and modern muscle and import cars. We would have a barbecue and sit on the front porch and watch and listen to them drive by. 

The sounds of the exhausts, the superchargers, turbos, blow-off valves, and the smell of race gas, are a childhood memory I’ll never forget and the main reason I got into cars. I also loved watching NASCAR and Indy car racing growing up. To this day I still watch them and love any movie about car culture, ya know the old fast & furious movies! When I was old enough to drive I got my first car. A Pontiac grand am. I taught myself the basics, oil changes, tire rotations, and brake jobs. After that, I just never stopped. Kept buying faster cars, and kept learning how to work on them and mod them myself. And here I am now today with a 4-cylinder turbo car making over 700whp. Once I picked up a wrench and got into cars, well the rest, as they say, was history. 

When I was in my early teenage years I knew I loved cars and wanted to get a nice, fun, project car. The problem was I knew nothing about cars. For the better part of my teenage years I thought for sure I would get a blue Honda Civic si. At that time, to me, that was the car to have. That all changed one spring day in 2005 though. I remember standing in front of my house when I heard an exhaust note. An exhaust note unlike any other. Then I saw it crest the hill. A stunning blue car, with gold wheels, a big spoiler on the trunk, and an exhaust note that you can never mistake. It was the first 2004 STi to hit the streets in my small neck of the woods. I was drawn to it. I stared at it until it passed me and was out of sight. From that day. I knew what I wanted. An STi. The iconic rally-inspired sedan. 

A few years later after I graduated high school I landed a well-paying job for an 18-year-old. And bought my first Subaru, a 2007 Subaru Impreza. I was on cloud nine. I modded it. Surfed the online forums for knowledge and to pick the brains of anyone willing to listen and help. Wasn’t long after that that I realized that modding a naturally aspirated Subaru to go fast, well, wasn’t easy. So I sold it after a few years and got my first wrx, a 2006 black hawk eye. I loved that car. I modded it and learned a lot about the turbo platform. 

Then I went through 2 more wrx's after that. Making each one faster than the last with more modifications and getting more knowledgeable about the platform. Until finally one day, I was finically secure enough to get my dream Subaru. My 2012 STi limited sedan in world rally blue. I never looked back. 

Once I got in deep into the Subaru culture I knew that one day I wanted to have a high horsepower Subaru with a rotated big turbo set up. The wrx's transmission and drivetrain leave a lot to be desired when having a goal of big power. The STi was the car I needed and wanted. I started off small. The basics ya know, turbo back exhaust, intake, fuel injectors, fuel pump, a Cobb accessport with a custom tune. Then one day my stock engine met its demise. Then it was game on. A couple of years after the engine failure the car now has a fully built closed deck long block with all the fixings and just made 710whp on ethanol. I have always dreamed of a world rally blue STi with a big rotated turbo and big power. Through hard work, dedication, and can’t forget the blood and sweat.  I have finally achieved my dream STi build. 

I absolutely love owning this car. Every time I take it out and see people's head turns to stare as I cruise by, it just makes me smile. Literally every time I park it and get out, I find myself turning back to look at my creation. Everyone is always eager to see under the hood at local meets and car shows. I always love answering questions, even the silly ones like “what stage is this thing?”.  Driving it is another story. These cars rip. Having a 700+whp all-wheel-drive car is a blast. I remember being the kid drooling at cars like this. And to now own and drive one is a huge achievement for me. But at the end of the day when I park it in its spot in the garage. I just look at it in almost disbelief. That I built this. I made this happen. This car is a direct extension of myself. And I love it to death. 

What do I think makes my car unique? Let's be honest here. Subarus are overdone. You see them everywhere! But mine is different. The white wheels on the world rally blue paint. It just stands out. Screams look at me. Not that I’m the first or only blue Subaru with white wheels on this planet. But the majority of Subarus on the road are pretty cookie-cutter builds. Staged products bought in a package deal online with a Cobb accessport and off-the-shelf tune. When you look at my car it’s just different. There is attention to detail everywhere. The colour schemes engine bay. The Subaru emblems matched the wheels. The power, the speed, the looks. All tied into one car. That’s what makes my car stand out. There’s a purpose for every single thing done.

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Spec List


  • Outfront motorsports v4 closed deck short block
  • Manley turbo tuff platinum pistons oversized 99.75
  • Manley turbo tuff I-beam rods
  • ACL main and rod bearings
  • ARP rod bolts 
  • ARP 1/2 inch head studs
  • 2018+ Subaru STi nitrate treated crank
  • Secondary air pump delete
  • KillerB ultimate oil pick up 
  • KillerB oil pan and baffle
  • Kelford 272/268 camshafts
  • Supertech dual valve spring set
  • Supertech spring seats
  • Supertech titanium retainer set
  • KillerB holy header
  • ETS rotated turbo kit
  • Garrett GTX3582r gen 2 turbo
  • ETS 4-inch front mount intercooler with wrinkle black piping
  • Tial 38mm external wastegate
  • Tial Q 50mm blow-off valve
  • Speed density sensor
  • ETS extreme catback exhaust
  • Cobb accessport v3
  • Aeromotive a1000 manual fuel pressure regulator 
  • Grimmspeed 3 port electronic boost control solenoid
  • Radium dual fuel pump hanger with two Walbro 450 fuel pumps
  • Injector Dynamics 1700cc injectors
  • Injector dynamics f750 fuel filter
  • IAG air/oil separator 
  • IAG TGV deletes
  • IAG v3 fuel rails
  • Cobb 4-BAR map sensor
  • Cobb flex fuel sensor
  • Fluidampr dampening crank pulley
  • Koyo radiator with grimmspeed hoses
  • DEI turbo blanket 
  • 8an fuel feed lines
  • 6an fuel return lines
  • OTL street series coil packs 


  • Goodridge Gstop stainless steel brake lines
  • Motul 5.1 brake fluid
  • DBA t3 club spec 4000 series rotors
  • Hawk HPS brake pads
  • OEM Brembos callipers
  • Cygnus performance x1 coilovers motorsport edition with custom spring rates


  • Perrin 2-inch shorty antenna 
  • IAG front license plate delete plate
  • Debadged trunk
  • Grimmspeed license plate relocator
  • Subaru Jdm r205 ride ornaments 
  • 20% window tint
  • JNA performance c-style front lip
  • APR carbon fibre front wind splitter 
  • Flex-fuel badge
  • Downforce solutions v2 rear diffuser
  • Downforce solutions side skirt extensions
  • OLM RS gurney flap
  • Gloss black front and rear Subaru emblems with white stars


  • ACT Xtreme duty performance street clutch kit
  • Kartboy short-throw shifter and bushing kit
  • Turn in concepts transmission cross member bushings
  • Turn in concepts shifter pivot bushings
  • Group N transmission mount
  • Perrin pitch stop mount
  • IAG competition series engine mounts 


  • JBL club 6520 door speakers
  • SMY Dual gauge cluster
  • AEM uego wideband air/fuel ratio gauge
  • AEM oil pressure gauge
  • SMY 52mm accessport mount
  • Solidmods 52mm vent pod
  • Autostyles black leather with red stitching shifter boot
  • Autostyles black leather with red stitching e-brake boot
  • Billetworkz tall teardrop weighted shift knob
  • Factionfab carbon fibre and leather D-shaped steering wheel

Engine bay dress-up:

  • Perrin radiator shroud in red
  • Perrin pulley cover in red
  • Perrin boost control solenoid cover in red
  • Perrin fender shrouds in red 
  • Billetworkz Zero series engine bay caps in black

Wheels and tires:

  • Enkei PF09 in vanquish white 18x19.5 +40
  • BFGOODRICH g-force sport comp 2 tires 235/40/18

Most of the work I have done myself with the exception of the built engine and tuning was done by Andrewtech Automotive. Through the years of wrenching on my own cars and friends' cars, I have taught myself everything I know with help from people online giving pointers or friends. Part of the fun of building a car to this level is knowing that a large portion of the build was done by you. 

Future Plans

Although this car is where I want it to be I do have some plans for the near future. I have ordered a set of racing seats and plan on doing a harness bar with 4 or 5-point harnesses and have been thinking about doing a reverse intake manifold with larger injectors and a bigger turbo with a haltech stand-alone ECU. I have no intentions of ever selling this car, but you never know what the future holds!


If you plan on buying a car as a project car and are intent on getting a Subaru STi just be sure to do your research. Subarus can be a reliable cars, but being what they are, people love to modify them. These cars are finicky when it comes to modding, most mods require a tune, even something as simple as an intake. It’s best to buy parts and compile them. For instance get your intake, an exhaust, and intercooler upgrade and then set an appointment with a tuner to have a tune done as soon as the parts are installed. If you are new to the car scene and trying to learn the do’s and don’ts, read and ask questions on some online forums. Read and research others build and learn from experienced people. Some simpler things like brake jobs or suspension work can seem overwhelming the first time. YouTube is also a very useful resource to help get you in the right direction to start modding your car!

Group - Club

I would like to thank my car club LEGION for always having my back and helping me out with parts and installs when needed. I would also like to give a big shout to my fiancée Sage, without her continued support of my passion my car wouldn’t be where it is today. Oh, she’s into cars as well and has a turbo’d Acura RSX. You can follow her on her Instagram here: @missjdm_sage. She has been my biggest fan and biggest supporter!

I love the car scene. It has done a lot for me. I have met some of my best friends through the car scene. It has also opened my eyes to what can be done to a vehicle and makes me respect and appreciate every person’s individual tastes and builds. 

Dream Car

My dream “practical” car has always been a Subaru STi. Which I have! If I were to pick one car as a dream car it would have to be the Ferrari F50. Phew, those things are gorgeous!

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